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PervNet catches some odd people.

Following up from my “word play” experiment regarding peoples use of search engines for pornography, some of the most recent search hits on my blog can be seen in these screen grabs.

For the three days over the period I first posted my word play blog entry my hit count went mental. I was getting over 150 hits a day. On average I have been slowly increasing my hit count, and on an average day I would get 15-25 hits. It’s a personal blog, so I wouldn’t really expect the site traffic that a mainstream web site would get.

Now since my post with the “Carry On film” type double entendres my daily hits are averaging 40-50… and often rocketing to 80+.

Unless there are a lot of cat fanciers out there, I think it shows pretty much what the joke has always been about the inter-net:

It is there for pornography – oh, and it can do some other junk too.

It’s not just my site either – Jacks (again) has had an increase of hits on her blog (The Thoughtful Spaz) simply because of an innocent mention of boobs.

She has even gone as far as to write a blog-letter to “boob fans”.

It’ll only lead to more hits – and more disappointed perverts you know!!!

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