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You’re letting them win.

When an Internet troll starts posting rubbish, or you get spam emails etc, the best advice is to ignore them.

They just seek attention and/or recognition. By ignoring them, blocking them, paying them no attention, you render their actions powerless.

They may keep trying, but after a while they generally realise that it’s not working, that their actions are being seen as background noise rather than the focus of attention they desire.


Whilst it is very sad that there have been more deaths in the recent ‘terror*’ attacks (*terror my arse. It’s plain and simple murder), the constant media frenzy (that goes beyond simply reporting the facts), the social media outrage and anger, the ‘solidarity profile pictures’ and support statuses, are feeding the attackers ego.

With all the good intentions in the world, your flag colours on your profile picture show both support to those involved, and that the attackers have got the message out. What they are doing is working. Look how many people know about us!!!

They incite hatred, they fuel anger, and they do it by using the news and social media.

There was an explosion in Brussels which lead to deaths and serious injuries. The incident is being investigated by the relevant authorities.

That’s all you need to know.

I’m not being cold hearted about this, and I’m not suggested a media blackout, but if you have anything to do with anyone involved, you’ll be kept informed any way. The rest of us should just leave well alone and stop fuelling the ‘advertising‘ of what happened.

If you know people and you want to let them know you are thinking about them, then do it privately, call them!

Hell, if I’d been injured or something terrible had happened to me, I’d want to either shut myself away or physically talk to someone, not openly chat about it on Facebook or Twitter.

So whilst I can only imagine the pain, suffering and loss from such attacks, I believe the majority of people should quieten down and stop feeding the trolls.

Donate money. Do something to help, just don’t shout about it.

Whilst on the ‘so called terror‘ subject, If you don’t think the terrorists are winning, then think about this…

I never had to worry about carrying a bottle of shampoo and some water in my carry-on case when flying abroad in my younger days. I never took my belt off and I kept my shoes on as I walked through to the aircraft.

I could drive right up to airports and park out front of them. You had lots of access to areas   to view the aircraft flying about – just as a visitor, not a passenger.

You could visit the flightdeck with your kid (or visit it yourself, you big kid!).

There weren’t parking restrictions and entry restrictions around public displays or gatherings.

A policeman with a gun?!? In public?!? In ENGLAND?!? Never saw that.

They aren’t winning though.

Excuse me whilst I don’t shed a tear.

Excuse me for not toeing the line here, but we’re all entitled to an opinion.

A guy died who was an actor. So did many tens of thousands of people on that same day, all over the world. Those people are less worthy though.

The show he was in is a very good show. It helps lots of people & is entertaining. I don’t care for it myself, but it seems to make people happier with themselves & is a refreshing upbeat show in times where things are getting too heavy on TV. I’m no fan, but I can see why people like it, and have no problem with that at all.

Although the cause of death is yet to be officially attributed to anything at this time, it is widely known that he was into substance abuse. Young rich star found dead in a hotel room aged 31…

Glee star Cory Monteith died from a heroin and alcohol overdose, the coroner’s office has said.

The findings come after a post-mortem examination and toxicological analysis in British Columbia, Canada.

Monteith, 31, was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on Saturday.

Sadly that wasn’t much of a surprise at all.

He was also a role model for kids, in a show very much aimed to draw in younger audiences. In fact many fans are of a more impressionable, even fragile nature, styling themselves after the characters in the show. Substance abuse doesn’t lend itself well to a worshipped star in a show like this (or any other, let’s face it).

It doesn’t really pull me onside. I’m not buying in. It may be just me, but I reckon many others feel the same way. Could be because I’m a dad & don’t like the idea of people like this being role models.

As it is substance abuse related, there’s such a public history of other stars going the same way on substance abuse, it’s hard to understand why people still do it.

Rich, dumb & under sooo much pressure..?
Sorry, but there are countless people out there under real pressure on a daily basis, from everyday folk to professionals in their own fields. You’re not going to kill people by not acting very well at them (although some ‘actors’ do come close…), and you’re not putting your own life on the line in such a way that a missed dance step or retake is going kill you.

Most people have as much of a connection to him as they do the thousands of kids who starve to death every day, yet I don’t see them being mourned for, for deaths they were born into, yet self abuse is worthy?

Ahhh, some people identify with his character, and that’s who they are mourning. The thing is, he isn’t his character. Look at Jimmy Savile… Fun loving child friendly TV celebrity who was a serial abuser of young kids. On screen & off screen these people are very seldom the same person. It’s why it’s called ‘acting’.

Nope. I really can’t start believing in the hype.

NOTE: I fully appreciate that substance abuse is a very serious issue, and some people who get into it are unfortunate enough to get hooked, or have a compulsive nature and can’t stop. It is very sad when people die this way, but they do generally bring it on themselves.

Houston, we have a problem

I woke at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I looked at my iPhone and read the news.

Whitney Houston has inevitably died.

I then tried to get back to sleep, but a song was stuck in my head…

No… Not a Whitney song, but Tim Minchin’s Pope Song (Download free at his website HERE)

(Lot’s of swearing, but the message is spot on).

Anyway… yes, Whitney Houston had died. That once amazing songstress and actress.

Personally, I liked some of her songs, and it’s a shame to see a wasted life, but I didn’t know her & I’m not overly upset.

More upsetting is the fact that people are dying everyday, trying make our lives safe, to protect us, and they don’t get a mention. People dying from incurable diseases who didn’t bring it on themselves… What about them?

Nope, the death of someone who chose their own terminal lifestyle is more important.

I have few tears for self indulgent drug abusers. If you become an addict through your own choices, then you made your own bed.

Each time a celebrity or well known figure dies from drug use, every time the news shows drug abusers, the general population look on and see them all as junkies. This really doesn’t help the cause of those people who have become addicted to their prescription medications, as people see all addicts under the same banner.

I’m not saying Whitney Houston’s death isn’t news, as she was a household name around the world, I’m just saying there are more important things going on in life. Pretty much like Tim Minchin says in his Pope song….. Anyway, I digress.


Before her life choices

She made her choices, and the result is a pretty good anti-drug message.

After her life choices

Anyway, some people on the ‘social media‘ sites are getting angry at negative Whitney comments & jokes.

Look, some people didn’t like her. That didn’t suddenly change when she died.

Don’t speak ill of the dead, they say…

Right then, no more Hitler jokes or mentions of how much of an evil genocidal tyrant he was. He’s dead, so you have to love him too. Just a shame about the Jews really.


The lovely, misunderstood Mr Hitler

Pol Pot can’t be referred to as a murderous mad man. Sure, 2 to 4 million people died (20% of his country) under his rule…. but he’s dead now, so we shouldn’t mention that.


Pol Pot smiling as he watches a butterfly

Sure, the jokes can be seen as a bit crass when she only died hours ago, and sure, people could hold their tongues for a while… BUT if they didn’t give a rats arse about her when she was alive, then can you really expect them to give a rats arse now?

Heck, when that pain in the arse car crash Jade Goody died, I still managed some respect, even through I couldn’t stand her.

Gah!!!! Moron.

Twitter, Facebook & other ‘social media‘ sites are a slice of many people with many views. If you tweet or use Facebook, then you’ll see it all. Some good, some bad, but some of everything none the less.

People are individual, so expect individual views.

In much the same way you can have a film or new Dr. Who episode spoilt by a Tweeter who’s seen the show before you have, you can guarantee dead celebrity jokes will do the rounds.

When dealing with a cross section of people from around the world, you must expect these comments. Simple as that.

Ignore them. Just don’t waste your time moaning about them.

It’d be easier to stop the Earth from spinning than it would be to stop dead celebrity jokes/comments & TV show spoilers.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways.

Schrödinger’s Terrorist

Look! A bandwagon! JUMP ON IT! Why not? Every one else is.

Yes, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

And alive.

It really depends on whether you believe the news. We are so used to lies and cover-ups it is no wonder that people are questioning whether Osama really has been killed.

The events of the day really to add fuel to the conspiracy theorists. Osama was killed in a raid by US soldiers and he was then buried at sea. Sometimes things do happen just like the news says and there is no conspiracy…. but where’s the fun in that?

Lot’s of people are saying that he’s not really dead – after all, there is no body. Both pro and anti Osama groups are questioning the validity of these claims – and both pro and anti Osama groups are accepting the claims. The world is ripe for disinformation right now.

So… Why lie about his death? It’s good for votes and popularity if you are in anti camp. The thing is, the latest polls say that POTUS Obama didn’t really gain much from this.

Okay… why dump the body as soon as possible? Well, that way people won’t have a grave or place to gather, rally or protest. With no burial site, there is no focal point for anything (Sure, people will find a place and associate it to him, but it’s not the same).

Maybe the body was dumped because he was captured alive and then executed there and then. That would do away with the red tape and legal hearings etc, etc, etc…

I’m happy to accept the news as it has been given, but if I had to come up with a conspiracy theory, here are a few things I’d look at with the limited data I have…

My half-arsed theory…

Would I kill him? Hell no! This guy is the head of the largest terrorist group around. He’s the main man, the knowledge base of all evil… he’s too valuable to kill. Think about what he knows?

Trouble is, capturing him is a problem. If you lock him up for questioning you end up being a focal point for hoards who want to rip him to shreds or  get him to safety. All the time he is alive the terror groups will blow things up to try to get him back. Hell, even bleeding heart liberals will protest for him to have rights and a fair trial. Anyway, with him gone someone else will just take his place… His death won’t end a thing.

So…. Why not capture him, tell the world he is dead, and that the body was dumped at sea? When no body turns up the terror groups will eventually have to accept he is dead. Let’s face it – if the whole raid was a lie, then eventually he’ll turn up anyway, and a whole lot of people will have a whole lot of questions to answer…

If you capture him but then say he was killed, you then have all the time in the world to ‘question’ him. No one will be there to defend him, try to free him, protest for or against his life… after all… he’s already dead.

You’ll have all the un-legislated, un-lawful drugs and devices to use to interrogate him… You can find out all about Al-Qaeda and their structure, plans, strengths etc…  after all, a dead man has no human rights…. You can ditch the body in years to come when he has absolutely nothing left to offer.

Whatever happened, why worry yourself? You don’t have enough support, ability or resources to find out any information on what really happened, so just trust the news on this one….


Michael Jackson Died – Sad, but over blown.

Farrah Fawcett died, and so did Michael Jackson…. rumours are buzzing around about Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum… but the two that have backing and are currently legitimate are Fawcett and Jackson.

Don’t get me wrong – These people had an influence on the world, but let’s not blow this out of perspective.

I need to remind myself that the hysterical masses represent only a small number of his fans – as one great friend said on Twitter:

It is the media who are out of all proportion. Most of us just are feeling the way we feel, quietly. xxx

The blanket news coverage just winds me up – It’s like the rest of news doesn’t exist any more. Millions die all over the world with no one giving a damn. Are these people any less important?

It sickens me when the media bandwagon starts rolling on things like this. There are people fighting for freedom in Iran, there are starving millions and countries at war, yet Jackson’s death is the headline.

There is NOTHING else showing on Sky news…Nothing…..

He was a singer and writer – he was not a God or life saving scientist, he was not some person who ended wars or spent their life trying to improve life or save people in war torn, famine struck, disease swept continents. He did not cure cancer, he did not create free energy…. he sang songs people… he sang songs!

Okay, he wrote and performed some of the songs that are true modern classics. Personally I didn’t like his “preachy” songs, but his disco and dance tracks were great. Even those preachy songs were so very well written… He was a musical genius.

I can’t blame him for the press and media coverage – the hype was focused on him and he had little control of the sheer force of that.

Yes, it’s a little obvious that there was something a little unhinged about him, there were things he shouldn’t have done – innocent or not, and I think he needed more help than he got.

Beyond it all though he was still this musical genius.

Sickening though, that many things are now being wrongly assigned to Michael Jackson as if he was a hero – Including some reporters saying he brought black music to the whites… That happened years before he was even born… Anyone would think Michael Jackson was the worlds first black musician.

It’s all press and hype though. I’d like to think he’d be upset at the fact he has taken up so much news space when there are real global events of more urgent importance… His press coverage isn’t his fault after all – it’s the story hungry media that is too blame… Again.

Hopefully Jackson will finally have peace.

R.I.P Puppet Girl

It was sad to hear of Jade Goody passing away on Mothering Sunday.

Regardless of my views on her, I feel sorry for the real friends and family that she left behind.

I didn’t like her public personna, but hey, that’s what choice is about. I could change the TV channel or choose not to read about her.

I don’t think I am stepping over the line by saying she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box. She was well known for her poor knowledge of many subjects (along with many other things). It is this general lack of awareness (or education) that makes it obvious that she was a media puppet. No fault to her as she didn’t have a clue (I’m sure we can all agree on that).

Up to her final day, and no doubt in months to come, the media will get all the mileage they can from her. I am sure people will come out of the woodwork to sell their stories.

I’m waiting for the conspiracy people to say that records were falsified so it looked like she passed on Mothers Day, when really it was late the day before. Any old rubbish to earn gutter rag page columns and magazine sales.

It’s all rather tasteless at the end of the day. She was just a woman who was in the right or wrong place at the certain time….

I called this blog “Puppet Girl” in reference to a Wendy James song. Maybe raising Cancer awareness in people that the Cancer message had otherwise missed was Jades way of cutting the strings and turning the media hype into a positive thing – or maybe I am giving her too much credit – either way, the message had gained some volume, so she has helped many more people, and for that we should be thankful.

Maybe another Wendy James (Transvision Vamp) song best fits Jade… “Born to be Sold”. She was a media Swatch girl who they used for their own purposes, preying on her less than brilliant intelligence. I’ll bet she still doesn’t get the peace that she now deserves.

There you go. Although I didn’t like what I knew of her, I wouldn’t have wished any harm of her. It’s a shame she didn’t get a normal life due to her life as a media puppet. I hope that her children get to know the real Jade, and not just the victim of the hype.

At the end of this blog I have to now ask…. “Was it Jade I didn’t like….or the media machine that manipulated her?”

Sure, in real life I doubt she would have been my cup of tea… but who knows what she was really like?

It’ll be the media machine then – but that’s no real surprise.

I pray they let her Rest In Peace.

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