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Big Brother fans. Stupid?

Ok, this to me shows a great lack of intelligence from some Big Brother / Davina McCall fans.

You see Davina is on Twitter as @ThisisDavina. She has an amazing 63069 followers, yet when she asked Twitter followers where the # key is on her Apple Mac, several of her followers still retweeted (forwarded) her request to everyone they knew…

So what?

Well, that’s like the people who forwarded the request are actually saying:

“Out of all 63069 of us Davina followers, we don’t think any of us will have a clue as to where the # is on a Mac…. So we, the Big Brother / Davina fans, need outside help.”

Oddly I’m not shocked. I think Davina is a great presenter, but I really think Big Brother should have ended before it began. It’s brought us “famous for being famous” people who really are the bottom feeders of the human food chain.

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