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Turbo Chicken has lag

Turbo the ex-battery hen has always been skinny. This meant a recent case of sour crop really knocked her out. I managed to empty her crop (I hope to never smell anything like that again) and she seemed to pick up a bit. Hopefully a nights sleep would help her.

Next morning she was found on her side, unable to move. I mixed up some sugar water and slowly during the day she picked up some energy.

She’s eaten some solid food now, but she’s still weak.

Best still, she pooped…. which means she has stuff passing through her crop again…. YAY!… but boy did that also stink!

She’ll go one of two ways, but she’s comfortable & has enjoyed two years of freedom since we rescued her from battery farm hell.

So long Terri, at least you had a good life in retirement

Sad news today as chicken Terri had to be put down. We’ve had her six months after her rescue from being a battery hen. In that time she has been spoilt rotten and with her three sisters become a loved family pet.

A happy Terri a few weeks ago


This morning she was gurgling – a sign of sour crop. It all happened very quickly – she had shown no signs until this morning. Christine administered first aid ┬áto alleviate the problem enough to get Terri to the vets. She was quite far gone and had actually inhaled feed into her lungs, so the only thing for her was to be put to sleep.

Alex asked how Terri was, to which I replied she had gone to sleep because she wasn’t very well. Alex replied that she should sleep in his room if she wasn’t well. He was remembering when she had had bumble foot and lived in the house for a week, sleeping in Alex’s room and watching TV during the day with Alex whilst generally being spoilt as her foot got better. He seems okay at the moment, although he’s not really realised that she has gone now.

She is now buried under the bird feeder in the back garden – her favourite place for dozing and nicking food.

Looking back, she has come along so well from the scrawny oven ready bird we rescued. She’s had a good retirement, but it’s a sad loss of such a friendly bird.

Her first free days

Meeting the cats - She wasn't bothered at all

Gradually filling out and right at home

Fully feathered after her moult

A few weeks ago in the snow. One fat happy hen



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