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Habitat Lifestyles cold call

You know I love cold callers…



Hello, is that Mr Black?
If you say so.
I am from Habitat Lifestyle & I’d like a minute to talk to you and ask some questions please.
Sure. A minute.
Is your address 123 Fir Drive?
You tell me…
And is your phone number 0123 456789?
You called me…
Okay, thank you.
No problem. My pleasure.
Please can you tell me, is your age group between 45 and 55?
Well, first can you verify who you are?
Excuse me?
I’m about to answer personal questions, so I’d like to verify who you are.
I’m from Habitat Lifestyles…
Yes, but I need to know who YOU are…
I… Me… (now confused) I… I’m Daniel…
Okay Daniel. Hi.
What’s your mother’s maiden name?
My mother’s…
…maiden name. Yes.
Why do you need to know?
I need to verify who you are. Please tell me so I can check on my computer. It won’t take a moment.
I can’t give you…
Sure, it’s just for verification. I need to check your details…
You can check that..?
I have my computer system waiting…
Estelle Limehouse… (now really unsure).
And the name of your first pet?
I’m from Habitat Lifestyles…
Yes, and I just need your first pet’s name… You understand?
I’m just calling from Habitat Lifestyles…
I know you say that, but I need to verify it. I mean I could be calling you from the Moon!
You’re on the MOON?!?
Of course not. You asked my address earlier. That would be silly Daniel, wouldn’t it?
I, erm… Yes?
Ha! The Moon! Imagine that!
Can I ask my questions now?
Well, not really… You’ve been over a minute already.


So much fun.

My guide on enjoying them.

Don’t Bloody start on me 2010

Remember THIS? which came from THIS….

Yup…. good…

Guess what has just died…. two day before servicing….

Go on.


Sniffles, Lake and Golf

Little lad suffering from the sniffles today. He didn’t sleep very well, and we were up properly at around 6am.

I think this will be his worse day, as it is streaming out of him! A walk around the lake with some fresh air should help.

Loving the Lake

Loving the Lake

We went out yesterday (he asked) – but he tired suddenly halfway around…. I had to hoick him up onto my shoulders for about 3 miles!!!

Off for a lake walk yesterday...

Off for a lake walk yesterday...

3 Miles with a passenger... OOOOF!

3 Miles with a passenger... OOOOF!

In other news – My new job is going really well. It is fast moving and constantly changing – One of those jobs that has more to do in the day than the hours allow!

My first sale that I quoted, calculated, planned out etc went through on Friday – so that gave me a good feeling. There have been others – but that was my first “cradle to grave” order. Next week the item will be in build for the customer – so that will be cool to see!

Boss gives lots of constructive chats, so that’s great for me. I can’t stand jobs that have zero praise or zero critique. How can I improve if I don’t have feedback? How can my morale grow if I don’t get praise? So yes – I am very happy where I am!

I’ll need a new car soon too. We are down to just the Berlingo – and that isn’t greatly economical, seeing as I do over 100 miles a day. Money is still tight, so a new car is out of the question…. but there is one second hand car make that I trust well past 150,000 miles – and that is VW… Those things are bullet proof – I had an old Passat that just ran and ran. My idea is to get a £1000 -£2000 VW Diesel Golf 1.9 – It does around 60mpg+ on motorway trips and there are plenty of them about. One thing is for certain, Alex will love it as he really likes the VW badge!

I told you the all seeing supreme being was malevolent…

The coldest temperature in England early today was -10C recorded at Farnborough in Hampshire, while several other towns recorded -7C.

The big chill today tightened its grip on London and the South-East with temperatures hitting as low as -10C making it colder than parts of Greenland and the Antarctic.

Yup… that’s what the news was this morning… You may have guessed I live in Farnborough, so I am sorry, but I think this might be all my fault….

You see, not satisfied with taking away my boiler and central heating, someone decided it would be a laugh to turn down the outdoor heating to -10 degrees C.

What am I talking about, you may ask… well look here, here and here at my previous blog entries…and then laugh along with me… Har. Har. Har.

That’s not rain from that cloud you know…

You have made me laugh so much I am now WETTING myself in hysterics!!! Mw

The Almighty supreme being says: "You have made me laugh so much I am now WETTING myself in hysterics!!!

It’s fff fu fffu ffuuffuf blummin cold now….

Still no boiler – no central heating…no hot water.

I’ve called out the registered people as I don’t want to go any further and take the front end of the boiler off and end up blowing the house up. Anything other than just trying to get the thing lit would be illegal anyway – and I can do with out that added bad luck.

It’s not going to be cheap getting it done the same day, but Alex has a really bad cough, as does Chris (both have been sick through so much coughing…)… and I’m starting to get it too….

See… I told you I shouldn’t have typed that last blog entry out loud…..

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