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Goodwood Breakfast Club ~ June 2011

Once again the Goodwood Breakfast Club didn’t fail to please. This old circuit was host to a huge selection of rolling cash… Old & new… Along with a brace of modern Italian supercars there were two Ferrari F-40’s parked next to each other, one off race specials, tuned drifters, classics tourers and ex-rally cars.This was the post-70’s sports car meeting, and it didn’t disappoint.







Crash and Burn spotters!!

So I was stood by this lovely XK120 when a guy with his mates came up to look at the car.

One said it was an XK140. I turned and said that it’s a 120 – you can tell by the split screen and low swooping body work.

His friend replied that it was most definitely a 140 – they too had split screens.

I replied that I was unaware of that, and as far as I was concerned, this was a 120, as the sides had a very exaggerated sweep and along with the split screen, it was a 120.

The other friend started looking over the car and said he also thought it was a 140…. I wasn’t going to back down – after all, I was damn sure I was correct AND I had been telling Alex all about these cars… and daddy couldn’t bee seen to be wrong.

As the three guys were saying how it must be a 140, Alex tugged my sleeve and pointed at something.

I saw what Alex was pointing at, then mentioned it to the three guys, who muttered to themselves and left it at that.

Alex was grinning and pointing at the tax disc “JAGUAR XJ120”


Goodwood Breakfast Club. April 2011

Soft Top Sunday  2010 (All photo’s HERE) – Luckily it didn’t rain… It did everything but rain though…

Another great breakfast club at Goodwood with some fantastic cars showing up on the track. Everything from drop top Vauxhaul Cavaliers (yes… a few still around…) to the almighty Zonda S (Sportster). Some stunning Jaguars and beautiful Alfas – and a whole lot more. The most Tesla’s I’ve seen in one place too (3 of them – one on charge in the paddock).

For more info on the Breakfast Cub, see HERE.

Here are a few photo’s from the morning trip out:

Everyone is busy busy!

A lapse in blogging and tweeting recently as a lot has been going on.

Alex has started “Big School” now (he’s 4 1/2), so whilst we still had some summer left I took time off of work to spend it with him whilst he is still mainly him, without the addition of whatever he picks up at school. I don’t mean that in a bad way, as I am sure he’ll grow into a brilliant lad with all the encounters and friends that’ll go his way – but this is the last time he’ll be purely him.

It was an action packed week and a bit. We visited a “Help for Heroes” auction at a car collectors house, Goodwood Breakfast Club, Mercedes World, Brooklands Motor Museum, The Lookout (nature discovery centre), Coral Reef (water slides), The Cinema (Marmaduke), Marwell Zoo…. yup, we did a lot..

We had great fun – but to be honest with you, it’d probably not make for such an interesting blog read – so I’ll pop up a few pictures with links to the albums… and just one mention of an event that made us laugh a little too hard… the Einstein we encountered at The Outlook discovery centre….

Is that polyox a non-Newtonian fluid?” asks a kid to the two slime show presenters at the discovery display.

Amusing though that was, I just wanted to shout “Power Off Einstein… this is about snot & slime for young kids… stop trying to prove that you’re going to be bullied at school and just let it happen in its own time, alright?

Funnier still when one eager ‘hands up scientific big wordy answer’ about “Adhesion and frictional properties of binding agents” was awarded with a “No… that little girl over there got it right… it’s slime.

Nnyyyeeeeeeooooooowwwwww BOOM….. “argh… I appeared to of crashed, and now I am on fire…

Have crashed, not of. Enjoy the flames….

The thing is, even a real Einstein can’t show off in a room of kids. Kids have unbreakable logic & you’ll lose every time!

Showing how bubbles move slowly through different slimes, a golden tube of thick liquid was held up showing a slow moving bubble.

What do you think this yellow sticky stuff is?” asks the presenter.
Molasses” says the child genius, wondering if Granny will be knitting her a lovely chunky patterned jumper this year (every little helps towards alienation).

Golden syrup” says a little girl, finger deep in her nose.

THAT’S RIGHT!” says the presenter.

Alex shouts out “But honey is yellow and sticky too!

“Ah… yes, you’re right, yes it is, but this is syrup” says the presenter.

Alex beams a happy grin.

Alex is a child genius – He’s a genius at being a child – and I think that’s how it should be aged 4 an’ a bit…

Anyway, lots of fun was had at all of the events and Alex ended the week as a very happy lad. Then Chris cut his hair…. but forgot to put the stand off on the trimmer… Luckily Alex likes the “Daddy” look…


September Breakfast ClubLots of Jaguars and Mini’s made for a happy Father and Son….

Mercedes World and Brooklands Motor Museum Formula 1, Fire engines, race cars and aircraft…

Marwell Zoo and Marwell Tiger set Fighting Meercats, Big old Tigers and King Julian…

Then it was time for his first day at school. He had been looking forward to it all summer long – and he wasn’t disappointed. He loves learning and playing with his friends, so going to “Big School” really works for him!

Yup…. lots of photo’s were taken…

Alex on his first day

Fast cars and then some…

Alex was excited to be going to Goodwood this weekend – and rightly so.

The free Breakfast Club themed events (first Sunday in most months) are always great to go to – but the one that gets the biggest praise is the Supercar Sunday. You name it, it’ll be there – From historic Bugattis to cutting edge tuned Zondas (TUNED? like they need more power!). Ferraris galore, Lamborghinis, Jaguars, Bentleys, Astons… the list goes on!

Alex and a Viper

Alex has been well into his Grand Turismo racing on the PS3, and as such he was really pleased to see lots of Lotus types at the event. Many photo’s were taken (under Alex’s instructions).

The weather forecast a week prior to the event showed 75% chance of rain. This reduced daily as we had a glorious week of fine weather which eventually lead to the Supercar event being bathed in Sun (I came back tanned).

Click HERE for the full collection of photo’s – but meantime, here are a few tasters!

Ford GT leaving the tunnel

Veyron - In case you didn't know

Race Viper

Goodwood Breakfast Sub….

Yup… the Breakfast Club was more of a breakfast submarine due to the amount of rain it saw!

I haven’t seen such a storm in 3 years – the rain came down so hard it started going back up again, but people still turned up to see the souped up cars on show.

DSCF9740From rear engined V8 mini pick up trucks to blown Japanese racers (ricers) and HUGE American metal, the cars spanned several genres of tuning and modifying – even down to a nice replica GT40 which little Alex towered above!

One car stood out though… for pure garish and tastelessness!


Alex thought this PT was Poo!

I quite liked the PT Cruiser when it first came out – BUT it was one of those Marmite cars – love or hate… and even then those who liked it could easily hate it in another colour. It took a lot to have it look “just right” – and when it looked right, I liked it!

This example missed the mark though! I only hope they were trying to be ironic or comedic, because it couldn’t look worse if someone had decorated it in sea shells and glitter! Mind you, one persons trash is another persons treasure – so best of luck to them… I hope they achieved what they were aiming for…


One thing I noticed, and I don’t proclaim to know much about the scene, was the Germanic touch that some of the the America Hot Rod people had. Iron crosses featured subtly (and less subtly in places) on some of their vehicles, as did their love of heavy “Bovver Boots”, turned up jeans, bomber jackets and buzz cut hair styles.  I have a shaven head myself, so that in itself means nothing, but with the clothes and Germanic items, it all felt a bit, well…. Nick Griffin would have felt quite at ease.


It’s just what I picked up – I could be totally wrong, but that was my first impression. Admittedly the guy with the Skull headed Iron Eagle on his truck and an Adolf Smiley Face T-Shirt didn’t do much to alleviate this first impression, but hey – Horses for courses, and they were all very pleasant.


One more Breakfast Club this year – Decembers Christmas Breakfast Club – and already I’m looking forward to it!


Maserati leads the Italian Parade

Another Sunday, and another Goodwood Breakfast Club. This time it was the role of Maserati to lead the way – with many other Italian marques showing their well inked lines….. droooool!

Alex once more loved it! How could he not? It had Grandad and Cars…. what’s not to like for a little boy?



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