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Colour me blogged

My blog has slowly turned into something other than what it was when it started. Does this mean I am finding my blog feet, or simply moving away from what it was intended to be in the first place?

A bit of both is the answer. Back when it was just close friends and family it was a small focused thing – although not that well polished. Time has moved on and although some may say it still isn’t that well polished, I think it has grown (No one has said that yet – but hey, I’m given you the benefit of the doubt!).

The number of hits has grown beyond anything I would have expected for what is really the scribbles of an unknown guy. Originally intended as a journal about things affecting me and the family for my son to look back on when he is older, it has expanded into my views on situations and events – things I like and dislike – rants and raves. This still hits the originally intention on the head though, because the blog is still very much me – and I want him to look back and see what I was like.

The thing that has changed is that I have either started writing in a way that total strangers find readable and entertaining – OR the things I write about are meeting with a relevance that people are looking for….. or once again, a mixture of both.

This has caused me to think about the way I write though. I enjoy it, and as others are enjoying it I want to try and give that little bit extra – to tailor it to a broader reader range but still keep it real and “Me”.

Yes – I’m really enjoying this blogging thing now – and all that goes with it. I’m meeting people I would never have met, trying things I would never have tried – and I want to share that….I want to pay it forward!

Web media is a continually growing thing. Twitter for instance is one of the newer tools of social micro bloggery – a simple 140 character blog entry that is followed directly by your Twitter friends. The number of people I am following – and those that follow me – is increasing. I’m not one of these people that add loads of names just so I look popular – not in a long shot – I add people who genuinely interest me, or who I think I would be happy to talk to in real physical life (remember that?).

Due to the 140 character limit Twitter does seem to miss the abuse and arguments that you get on a lot of forums. I think it is due to the intellect needed to get your comment across in so few words – and also the fact that tweets (the actual mini-blog-tect-message things you type on Twitter) are so fast moving conversationally that by the time you want to argue with someone the whole conversation has been left behind already! This is a good thing!

I feel lucky to have joined up with the people I follow, and who follow me. Lots of knowledge, views and friendship in sound bites and bullet points – just right for an active mind!

You can tweet me: @Lucas_Black (http://twitter.com/Lucas_Black)

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