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Fiesta be damned! Here’s to Sexy Shaving!

Anyway… forgetting the rubbish Ford Fiesta… @KingofShaves gives us a new sexy face to shaving –

Sex sells? Nope… it just grabs attention – it’s the product that sells and keeps you coming back.

Diane Wood is @Barbarella_X – making shaving sexy! (Di shaved my head for charity 2 years ago… and I’ve never looked back https://moretimespace.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/baldness-sunshine-and-calling-johnny-vaughan-a-hippy/)

So yeah… some overpaid sportsmen running around trying to bully you into getting a dodgy Gillette, OR Barbarella X and the spankingly good Azor giving you a shave to remember.

Gillette, the best a man can get…. yeah… sure… if you want to settle for second best.

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