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Happy lads from 3ish to 30ish

Okay, it started out as a trip to see the Goodwood Breakfast Club car meet & ended up with two very happy thirty somethings & a tired but happy toddler!

The cars at the event this month were mainly pre-1966, but with plenty of later day exotica to be seen.

I took Alex along with one of my oldest buddies, Eddie. We were going to see my father in law as well – although he was going to be pretty tied up with keeping the event moving smoothly from his pit side control room.

The event was superb, but the best was to come. Ian (my Father in Law) offered to take Alex out in the Aston again, but Alex wanted to go in my Audi. I offered Eddie the ride in the Aston in Alex’s place as it was only going to be down to the pits… or so I thought!

The Aston

The Aston

Alex and I followed on in Mr Audi, my 1996 A4 TDi with 114,000 miles under the belt. As we drew up to the pits the Aston pulled away down onto the circuit, so needless to say I followed on.

It was a brisk pace, but not racing by a long shot. Just the right amount of go to be fun in the Aston… and as for me & Alex in the Audi,we were happy to be going around the famous circuit!

The Audi is so well poised I wouldn’t have minded putting my foot down – but this was a circuit tour drive around, and that was more than enough for me, Eddie & Alex.

Eddie didn’t have his camera with him in the Aston, but Ian said we could film another circuit in the Audi if we kept to 30mph.

The Audi

The Audi

No problem…Take one semi-tech geek, a friend with a camera, a young wannabe race driver…. and a high mileage diesel Audi…

Oh yeah….a 1:32:00 lap once it had the “engine tuning” by Apple Mac….

Many thanks again to Alex’s Granddad, my Father in Law.

Alex and the Aston Martin at Goodwood

Alex and the Aston Martin at Goodwood

A trip to see Grandad at Goodwood ended up with a surprise trip out around the race track in an Aston Martin Vantage.

We had no idea that his Grandad had planned this… or that we’d also get a go! What an amazing day!

Alex was a little worried at first, so Chris hopped in with him – and after a couple of turns he was taking it all in.

When Chris and Alex returned after a couple laps of Goodwood race circuit I was asked if I wanted a go….. Bit of a silly question!

I was so happy for Alex! He was amazed and in awe! In fact as he settled to bed tonight he just kept talking about the Aston Martin!

Getting a go myself though… it was the icing on the surprise!

Anyone want a couple of Kidneys? I’ll raise the cash somehow!

New Bond Villain

No Mister Bond… I expect you to die…. Mwaha ha ha ha ha….

Alex slept on my lap as I watched the excellent Casino Royale. I think Daniel Craig makes a great Bond – top three alongside Brosnan and Connery. All play a grittier Bond, and I much prefer that over the campness of Moore – Those movies may be pretty good – but I just think he’s far too pantomime in his portrayal. The books are grittier, and that’s how I like the movies to be. If I want Panto, I’ll go to the Town Hall at Christmas. If I want Bond… well, Quantum of Solace is out now!

So Alex slept as I watched the twists and turns of one of the best Bond films yet played out infront of me. He only stirred at the part with 007 tied in a chair as Le Chiffre played conkers with our heroes jewels. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know the bit I mean…

Every time Le Chiffre swung and hit, Bond called out in pain… and Alex burst out laughing…. Then dialogue kicked in and Alex sat all dozy again… then swing and a hit… and Alex bursts out laughing!!!

I know which team Alex was supporting there, and it wasn’t Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

Before anyone says anything, I know it won’t be long at all until I dare not watch a Bond movie with Alex as he will start picking stuff up from it. Currently though he just likes the Aston chases and big explosions – Just like a firework display – and you know how much he loves them….The Fireworks Blog

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