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Goodwood Revival 2012

The Revival was upon us again….

So a few years ago I got to sit in a Jaguar XJ13 whilst talking to Norman Dewis – and that was a Revival meeting that is hardly ever to be topped… but this year came close. (See that 2009 write up HERE).

Over the years more and more people have decided to don period clothes and dress for the occasion that is one of, if not the world leading classic motor sports events. Last year we didn’t dress up, and that was the year that we felt more out of place for not dressing up, than if we had dressed up…. So this year we went in style…

Chris went in a military style, as did Alex, and I went as a 30’s racing driver.

As usual, the entire day was fantastic – that’s pretty much standard for the Revival, but this time we were invited as guests, so got a little closer to the action, sounds and smells of the racetrack.

It was astounding. Driver changes and pit stops within arms reach! Cars worth hundreds of thousands, even millions, of pounds, were racing as if it was 1960 all over again.

We’re not talking sedate demonstration laps – We are talking foot to the floor, spinning out on corners and sharing paintwork style racing…. Exactly what these cars were designed to do. When you see a Ferrari GTO rub up alongside an Aston Martin, or a £10 million Maserati spin off and slam into a tyre wall, then you know these drivers are in it to win, and not to show off the looks of these often unique historic cars.

What was the value of all the cars there over the weekend? I’d hate to think! Even a parade of classic Ferrari GTO’s must have topped 10’s of millions!!!

GTO’s are surely a pricey car…. but then I saw this line up…

The most expensive car total value on the track at one time must belong to the German ‘Silver Arrows‘…. The original German bad boys of motor racing.

The pre-WW2 silver Mercedes and Auto Union ballistic racing cars that dominated the sport… V16 engines, rear mounted, meticulously built with typical German detail and precision. Even now, these cars are a marvel of engineering. Just looking into the engine bay you can’t believe that these are 1930’s racers!

Not just cars though – The track was filled with vintage motorbikes, tearing around on the ragged edge of their limits… and beyond! Vincent, Norton, Rudge, BMW, Ariel, Honda… so many types – and the noise was all enveloping!

For a motorsport enthusiast or just for a fun day out to see all the events and sideshows, Goodwood Revival really is second to none. For me, one of the highlights was the pit stop that was that arms reach away….

I say ‘one‘ of the highlights, because as I walked around after the racing had ended, I saw a Tojeiro chassis Jaguar D-Type. Much like today, many racing cars used to be custom built to suit certain specifications.

Quite often a standard car was modified to suit a particular need, and Tojeiro used to work with Jaguars to produce some top racers of the day. Trojeiro’s work eventually lead to the monster Shelby Cobra, so he has a pretty substantial claim in the racing car hall of fame.

7 GNO : Year of Manufacture 1956 : Date of First Registration 19 04 1956

Anyway, several Trojeiro models were racing, and after the day of racing ended I went to have a closer look. One of the best looking (in my opinion) was the first Trojeiro, based on the D-Type Jaguar (which was a stunning car in its own rights, and one of my all time favourites). Luckily enough, 7GNO was at Goodwood on this Revival Sunday…


Well…. If you don’t ask….

There are MANY more photos and films HERE!!!



Buster is Alex’s school’s fluffy toy dog…. He is a project for the kids – in this case he is taken home over the weekend by a different kid each time and the kid has to keep a diary with photo’s.

Alex is the third to have the diary and Buster, so this weekend we went off to do some things that Alex enjoys. Buster came along with Alex’s own plush puppy ‘Puppy’ (which Alex has had since birth – a gift from Granny).

Saturday was a bit of a let down as the weather was on and off wet and dry. Alex, Puppy and Buster spent the day playing with cars and drawing (cars). Sunday though was more up Alex’s street…. it involved Goodwood and cars (oh, tell me you weren’t surprised…).

Alex, Puppy and Buster watch the cars hush past...

Greenpower run a schools event to inspire engineering in young people. It’s an electric car race and the finals were held at Goodwood. Alex has a great love of electric cars, so it was a no brainer that we would go and watch the race. We saw some pretty amazing cars and soon had our favourites.

Sandbach Brian - a crowd favourite

Sandbach Zebedee - The one to watch

Brian and Zebedee from Sandbach High School & 6th Form  College caught our eyes as they were in copies of real race colours – GULF and JPS. The two cars also looked well thought out and the team behind them were very focused. Little surprise to find out that this entry was from a girls school – and in engineering I have always found that the female of the species is often the stronger, as they have to fight harder to be noticed… they have to be better to be regarded as being equal to the men. Admittedly this view is dropping off, but in certain fields it is still sadly true.

Team C.A.U.C (Sandbach) 1st and 4th with a Williams F1 car

Sandbach were  a focused team and well driven – and got a 1st and 4th in the final for their efforts. Stunning cars too – really well thought out – and Alex just had to go back and see Brian after the race! Well done to the team for doing such a top job – you were the most talked about team in the crowds from what I can gather.

A few photo’s were taken of Alex, Puppy and Buster around Goodwood – including some by the Aston Martin V8 Vantage that Alex has been around the track in, and that Granddad uses on the circuit as a work car (jammy bugger!). Granddad then came over and popped Alex and friends up on an ambulance and crash truck for a few more shots. We then went on to watch some more racing and take a few more photo’s.

Alex introduces Puppy and Buster to Granddad

Alex & friends by the V8 Vantage he did laps in.

The prize was Williams F1 related, and as such there was a 2008/9 season Williams on display. This recently retired F1 racer was there to look at but that was it – it’s an expensive car (cost to build – not including development – is estimated in excess of £1.5 million – a wheel alone costs upwards of £25,000), and a fragile piece of equipment, so don’t touch…. unless you happen to be a car mad Alex with a loving Granddad in motor sports…

Alex, Puppy, Buster and £1.5 million worth of F1 car

Even Daddy hasn't sat in one of these... yet!

I wonder what the next outing will have in store for Buster, as he is handed back tomorrow… but I can’t help but feel that the benchmark has been raised a little…

More importantly though, Alex had a wonderful day. He kept saying “I really love Granddad – I will be a racing driver, won’t I?” on the way home… before falling asleep for the remainder of the drive. Job as a Dad done for the day!



Fast cars and then some…

Alex was excited to be going to Goodwood this weekend – and rightly so.

The free Breakfast Club themed events (first Sunday in most months) are always great to go to – but the one that gets the biggest praise is the Supercar Sunday. You name it, it’ll be there – From historic Bugattis to cutting edge tuned Zondas (TUNED? like they need more power!). Ferraris galore, Lamborghinis, Jaguars, Bentleys, Astons… the list goes on!

Alex and a Viper

Alex has been well into his Grand Turismo racing on the PS3, and as such he was really pleased to see lots of Lotus types at the event. Many photo’s were taken (under Alex’s instructions).

The weather forecast a week prior to the event showed 75% chance of rain. This reduced daily as we had a glorious week of fine weather which eventually lead to the Supercar event being bathed in Sun (I came back tanned).

Click HERE for the full collection of photo’s – but meantime, here are a few tasters!

Ford GT leaving the tunnel

Veyron - In case you didn't know

Race Viper

Alex and the Aston Martin at Goodwood

Alex and the Aston Martin at Goodwood

A trip to see Grandad at Goodwood ended up with a surprise trip out around the race track in an Aston Martin Vantage.

We had no idea that his Grandad had planned this… or that we’d also get a go! What an amazing day!

Alex was a little worried at first, so Chris hopped in with him – and after a couple of turns he was taking it all in.

When Chris and Alex returned after a couple laps of Goodwood race circuit I was asked if I wanted a go….. Bit of a silly question!

I was so happy for Alex! He was amazed and in awe! In fact as he settled to bed tonight he just kept talking about the Aston Martin!

Getting a go myself though… it was the icing on the surprise!

Anyone want a couple of Kidneys? I’ll raise the cash somehow!

New Bond Villain

No Mister Bond… I expect you to die…. Mwaha ha ha ha ha….

Alex slept on my lap as I watched the excellent Casino Royale. I think Daniel Craig makes a great Bond – top three alongside Brosnan and Connery. All play a grittier Bond, and I much prefer that over the campness of Moore – Those movies may be pretty good – but I just think he’s far too pantomime in his portrayal. The books are grittier, and that’s how I like the movies to be. If I want Panto, I’ll go to the Town Hall at Christmas. If I want Bond… well, Quantum of Solace is out now!

So Alex slept as I watched the twists and turns of one of the best Bond films yet played out infront of me. He only stirred at the part with 007 tied in a chair as Le Chiffre played conkers with our heroes jewels. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know the bit I mean…

Every time Le Chiffre swung and hit, Bond called out in pain… and Alex burst out laughing…. Then dialogue kicked in and Alex sat all dozy again… then swing and a hit… and Alex bursts out laughing!!!

I know which team Alex was supporting there, and it wasn’t Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

Before anyone says anything, I know it won’t be long at all until I dare not watch a Bond movie with Alex as he will start picking stuff up from it. Currently though he just likes the Aston chases and big explosions – Just like a firework display – and you know how much he loves them….The Fireworks Blog

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