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A cat, a cat, with a two tone…..crack

At the back end of last year, Jacks, The Thoughtful Spaz posted a blog entry that requested 6 items of randomness from her friends and readers.

I read through my answer again today and decided to post in Sometimespace in an attempt to keep the smiles affixed to our faces. I want to use the blog to publish the news and rantings as and when things happen to the family – but at the same time I don’t want it to get too heavy or depressing, as that is no good to anyone, least of all me!

So, as a kick in the face to the bad stuff that is going on (just look in my blog archives from September 08 through to today…), here are the 6 randomossities about me that I laid out for Jacks:

6 random things….Nothing is really random if it has been asked – but as near as can be …. but I’ll do my best

  1. I once had a pony tail (I now shave the lot)
  2. On my first parachute jump my chute didn’t open properly and I had to take emergency measures.
  3. One of my cats has one ginger fur covered bum cheek, and one black fur covered bum cheek…. very funny when she walks away with her tail in the air. Yes, I have a cat with a two tone crack.
  4. I hate Parma Violets.
  5. I once saw Lou Reed perform with only 50(ish) people in the audience. The power failed, so we all gathered around him and he did an old acoustic set of Velvet Underground stuff.
  6. My second car had a concrete floor.

How’s that?

If you care to, then please comment with 6 of your own…

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Well, considering what has happened, I am still looking forward to Christmas.  We already had presents ready for Alex before the recent problems, so it will be a joy in itself to see him tear into his gifts and hear him laugh and squeak in delight!

As for you, be you a regular reader of my blog, an irregular one (they can do wonders with cosmetic surgery you know) – a friend, family member or total stranger – I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year…. yes… definitely a wish to all for a prosperous New Year!

As a Christmas experiment I am mentioning AlphaInventions. This is a blog focused idea set up to increase blog coverage and, well – if it works it could do all sorts of things… although I’m not sure how it works – so participating may yield some answers….

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