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The best gift ever

Time ticks away as we get ready for Alex’s 3rd Christmas.

Last year was the first one that had him getting excited, but still not too aware as to what it was all about. This year he’s starting to enjoy the lights and run up decorations – although I think it’ll be next year when he starts to really get excited before Christmas.

I’m looking forward to seeing his face light up with the toys we have bought him. I couldn’t spend as much as I would have liked as my work have me on reduced pay after my work related back injury. Yes, that has put a real dampener on things, especially as times are tight anyway, but you just have to play the hands you are dealt – and the next hand might be a winning one, so you just have to keep moving forward.

The best gift will always be seeing his happy face, so Christmas is all for him.

The other day on the way back from Mill Lane Fiat (picking up the repaired works Multipla), we dropped into the Aldershot Military Museum so Alex could see some tanks! He even ended up with some toy soldiers!

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