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Poison beans at Tesco

Tesco own (Dalepak produced) Mexican style veggie bean burgers have been flagged up as illegal!


Yup, as we went through the checkout the burgers flagged up as illegal, which was annoying, as they haven’t stocked them for the last month, and we used to like them…

The staff had no idea why the warning flashed up on the till, but a quick Google search shows that at the beginning of October the product had a Government warning issued. The red beans in some batches were undercooked, which left high levels of Lectin – one of the top ten causes of food poisoning… and a cause of cancer!

This poses the questions: Why did Tesco put them back on the shelves and why, if it has such a warning, was it left to be flagged on the checkout instead of being removed from the shelf? Muppets.

Product recall notice


DALEPAK – 4 Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders
Best before end JAN 2010, codes 8203 & 8204 only.

GRASSINGTON’S – Spicy Bean Burgers
Best before end DEC 2009, codes 8174 & 8175:
Best before end JAN 2010, codes 8196, 8197, 8211 & 8212.

TESCO – Meat Free 4 Mexican-style Bean Burgers
Display until APR 2009 / Best before JUL 2009,
codes 8182 & 8183 only.

This statement was taken from one Gov. site:

Dalepak Foods, the UK food group, has recalled three types of frozen spicy bean burger due to the presence of the toxin lectin in under processed kidney beans.

The company said lectin is a natural toxin in uncooked kidney beans but that it can cause stomach aches and vomiting.

Packets of Dalepak 4 Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders on sale at Iceland and Somerfield stores are affected. The affected batches have codes of 8203 and 8204 and a best-before date of January 2010.

The recall also covers Grassington’s 4 Spicy Bean Burgers on sale at Morrisons and The Co-operative Group. The products have a best-before date of December 2009 – with batch codes 8174 and 8175 – and January 2010, with four batch codes – 8196, 8197, 8211, 8212.

The recall also covers a third product – Tesco Meat Free 4 Mexican Style Bean Burgers. The batch has a best-before date of July 2009 and a “display until” date of April 2009.

No other Dalepak products are known to be affected.

An update on my back: Today is just terrible. I ache throughout my back, and feel like my lower back is about to “let go” – a bit like the game of “Kerplunk” – any moment it feels like it will give out.

I think I slept awkwardly, but as I was so tired I didn’t get woken due to the discomfort. Since I first damaged my back at work I haven’t had a good nights sleep because one false move or roll just sets of a sharp painful back related wake up call. This means I’m pretty exhausted as sleep is very disrupted. Pah.

How’s life?

Big fingers? No worries.....(ish)

Big fingers? No worries.....(ish)

Well, the touch screen on the iPhone is a thing of wonder! Those small keys are very clever – so if like me you have quite large digits, the iPhone takes a “best fit” of where your finger has mashed and uses that letter.

On the chance you manage to miss aim your fleshy stylus, the iPhone has a spell checker that automatically replaces the badly mashed word with the correct one UNLESS you select not to. Now I thought it should be the other way around, and that I should chose to replace the word myself – but in all honesty, I make a fair few fat finger foopars and the automatic word correction is just brilliant.

Okay, it has a few draw backs….I wrote to a guy the other day and typed:

Deas Peter“….

I carried on as in the corner of my eye I had seen the word change by auto correct.

Peter got back to me:

I’m perfectly alive thanks!

A quick look at my sent messages and I saw it had corrected to “Dead Peter…..”

Quickly I replied:

I’m so very glad you have recovered from your fatality…..

It goes to show, if you make something idiot proof, a better idiot will come along….

What is left to do…..EVERYTHING!!!

So I hit the big 33 today. I must admit that I prefer experience over age, but would like the energy that I had back then, with the knowledge I have now. I can understand what people mean when they say that “Youth is wasted on the young.”

I’ve had a few regrets, but then again, too few to mention (I think there’s a song in that lot somewhere….). There are some things that I wish I hadn’t done, but given the choice and ability, I wouldn’t go back and change anything.

I am happy with what I am and what I have now, and it was my past that made me the guy I am now – the happily married expectant father.

Some advice for you Jnr – If someone offers you advice, don’t blank it with the headstrong belief of youth – Instead listen to the advice, as it could well save you time, energy, effort and anguish in the long run.

Why learn by your mistakes when you can learn from people who have been there before you? Learning fron others means that you have more time to go and make brand new mistakes of your own to learn from….

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