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This is the result….

Alex 2nd bday (51), originally uploaded by L.B.

….of a fun packed 100mph birthday for our 2 year old lad….


2nd cake (4)

First things first – Thank you to the family for the gifts they gave Alex. He loved opening them all (he had huge eyes when he saw the Thomas the Tank Engine inflatable…..that’ll wait until summer until it is pumped up though!).

Alex 2nd bday (61)

He took to his first radio control car with the same styles as I drive on the PS3……yup – he turned the controller to “help” steer…..just like his dad on the PS3 Gran Turismo!!!….

Alex 2nd bday (70)

A sand and water table (high rise cat litter tray and bird bath come winter…..) was also a great success. He thoroughly enjoyed opening all his gifts. At 2 he has much better understanding of what is going on, so knew today was special.

Another gift was a trip to Horton Park – the petting zoo with adventure playgrounds that Alex really enjoyed last year. Now he is older he had so much more fun!!!

Alex 2nd bday (56)

Alex loved seeing the animals again, but this time he was “All about the action!”.

Nanas Pics (53)

Alex 2nd bday (37)

Alex 2nd bday (16)

Alex 2nd bday (41)

A stop for a picnic lunch was required to recharge the turbo-toddler batteries, and then it was off again!!!

Alex 2nd bday (29)

This year he threw himself into all the climbing frames and slides, running rings around us adults!

Alex 2nd bday (42)

Top day out…..followed by a sleep in the car on the way home….then play time again with his sand and water table (less sand…). He should sleep well tonight!!!

Water table toy (12)

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