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Evocative Faceslap

I was listening to Adagio for Strings, Op.11 whilst I was going through news sites on line.

I watched some footage of both the Boston bomb & the Texas explosion… and the haunting violin music played on…

….and wondered why Fox News hadn’t already done this… Just slowed the video footage down & played Adagio for Strings over the top of it, pulling focus & then panning the scene, going in tight on a scared child’s face… You know, just to really pander to America’s heart strings. They seem that sort of a news network.

In fact, even a slow motion video of a big dog crapping becomes an epic emotional event when Adagio for Strings is played over it.

I expect Fox will realise this soon & use it in every news item they air.

…. AND THEN…. I go to look for a clip of the music to add to this blog entry for those who don’t know it, and I straight away find it … played over pictures of the 9/11 attacks…


Sad news as Chicken 11 bows out

‘Chicken Eleven’ – named by Alex because he just liked the sound of it, sadly had to be put to sleep after enjoying just over a year of free range happiness since her rescue from the chop, following the disgusting battery farm life she had been through.

The poor girl wasn’t going to get better after her problem, and although she was happy (albeit a bit quiet) it was not a way of life she could sustain.

Her last full day and we took some movie clips of her having a bath & a blow dry.

Click for videos: Chicken Eleven ~ Bath & a blow-dry.

She was one of our first hens, and although she was a bit on the quiet side, she soon had a following of friends on Facebook & Twitter who often asked after her. Strange but true.

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