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Seamus Grassick – Grassick Motors

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Following on from my previous post:


Second Hand Car Problems… Again

I’ve been here before, and last time the garage I dealt with split up.

Many people who had been mistreated by certain people within that garage stepped forward due to my write up, and the person who sold the car to us purchased it back.

The funny thing was that due to the number of hits that my website gets, my website came up FIRST on Internet searches like GOOGLE when people tried looking for that garage. That meant that they first thing people read was how bad that garage was, and straight away they looked elsewhere. Additionally other people used my site to put together information and track other bad dealers down.

Well it all resolved quite nicely & I really didn’t fancy having to do it again. I mean if I had to do it again I have made lots of good contacts from last time, but I think I’d rather just go direct to the courts & hit hard. I don’t like being messed around.

ANYWAY… The old Audi died and I purchased a used SEAT ALHAMBRA from Seamus Grassick of GRASSICK MOTORS LTD (GRASSICK HOLDINGS) in Wokingham.

He seems a very nice chap, and very helpful. He even fixed some ‘little’ faults that were on the vehicle when I went to buy it… Well, the flat tyre had to be mentioned a couple of times, but it got changed… as did a second tyre that went down whilst they were changing the first tyre… You know… so it was safe to drive.

One recurring fault has seemed to cause a problem, and although I am well within my legal rights to get a refund, I thought I’d let him sort it out.

The fault meant the car kept stalling. If I was at speed it would buck & restart (bump start under its own momentum), but at slow speeds it would shudder to a halt (as happened trying to leave a junction & turning across oncoming traffic into a garage.

On one occasion the jolt of a restart caused the wheels to spin on a roundabout. Most definitely not safe. On each occasion (apart from the roundabout) my 7 year old son was in the car with me.

I’ll let you make your minds up by leaving my text messages here for you to view.

Do you think I’m being fair with him?

Click on the photos to see them full size.



For general information, you might find this interesting… SALE OF GOODS ACT 1979 (Amended).

One other thing is that his website and the cars he has on AUTOTRADER have incorrect mileage listed compared to some of the cars I looked at physically at his sales forecourt, but surely that’s an innocent mistake?

After all, we all make mistakes. It’s not like they’ve been clocked, is it?

He said that my cars mileage was just a simple error because someone put the mileage the cam-belt was changed on the advert as the current mileage. Oops! Fair enough.

The thing is, after walking around his sales forecourt with his website open on my iPhone, it turns out that quite a few cars have had a similar mistake made on their adverts… Make your own minds up.

Probably just another simple error, yes? (Click for full size image.)
NOTE: AUTOTRADER only host the adverts & pictures as supplied by the seller. They take this sort of misleading information (intentional or ‘in error’) seriously.


I do hope I’m being fair. I’ve always considered myself fair.

****** UPDATE: I’m too fair. *******

Seems Seamus Grassick has apparently done a runner & cleared out his forecourt.


I’ve contacted Hampshire, Surrey & Thames Valley Police & they are looking into the matter. I have explained that this was simply a case of wanting my money back, but upon seeing this review site today – with reviews FROM today – saying he’s fled, I wanted to check if it was true & if it was true, then I would like to step forward with evidence & assist. Also if it’s true I shall be pressing for legal action against him.

After seeing Kate Smurthwaite shut down one of her counterparts in a religious debate (she was representing the National Secular Society), I came up with this new image.

Before posting it, I sent it to her to see if she was okay with it.

She replied saying that she loved it – and that she had also sent it to Nicky Campbell (the show host). I highly recommend looking her up.

God and Son

Kate blogs about the incident HERE.

Kate Smurthwaite is a stand-up comic and political activist.

Follow her on Twitteror her BLOG, or visit her YouTube channel.


BBC – The Big Questions

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Re-blogged from my God & Son website…
If you find offence in religious humour or commentary, then back away now. I’m not forcing you to look, so don’t go going all preachy on me. Respect. Peace Out.

God and Son

School is for learning proven facts. Core studies, maths, language, geography, health & fitness, logic & understanding…. and doubly so during the early years at infant school.

So it makes me angry that religion… a faith based subject, is taught to kids who do not understand the principal of faith.

Kids who play games of pretend, who think the Easter Bunny is real and get upset when a cartoon character gets an ouchie, are being taught that the figures in religion are real….

Real?!?! Well, that’s a matter of OPINION, and not FACT. Don’t get the two mixed up.

Maths is fact, science is fact, geography is fact…. God is a matter of opinion…. FACT.

My lad (not yet 6) is being taught religion, not ABOUT religion. Two very different things. I want him to know about religion, but I don’t want him (at this…

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Jesus people! Get an education!

This is the YouTube hosted version of a video from the Christian ‘YouTube‘ clone ‘GODVINE’… (no… I’m not kidding).

Here is the actual Godvine site:

Woman Drowning in her SUV is Miraculously Saved

No one at this scene can explain how this woman was able to be rescued. It defies everything we know, and it can only be seen as a miracle of God.

No one at the scene can explain how the woman was rescued?

Well, that PROVES one thing and one thing only…. that the people at the scene did not have a clue about real world physics.

It does NOT prove the existence of a God.

Simple physics.

  • She would have gone for the door handle, because the electric windows wouldn’t have worked due to water ingression.
  • The door wouldn’t have opened initially, due to the high water pressure keeping it shut.
  • She would have carried on trying the door as she saw people trying to get to her.
  • Once the car is submerged, the water pressure inside the car matches the pressure outside the car. The door is easily opened.
  • She puts her arm out and is grabbed.
  • As the car is pulled forward out of the water after the rescue, the doors would shut in the current.

Some people find God in the most dubious of circumstances, but this again shows people using ‘God‘ because they don’t understand physics.

As someone mentioned on the Facebook feed:

…a lot of faithful Christians are insulting their own intelligence by immediately declaring this to be a miracle, when it clearly was the work of men and physics that saved this idiotic woman…

It’s a ‘wonderful‘ bit of commentary too, what with the misdirection about the window not being broken…

Also of note is how all the video comments from the Christian site (not the attached Facebook comments underneath it) are all praising God… and then the comments were locked. Makes you wonder how many comments like mine, telling how it REALLY happened, were posted on the original clip….and deleted.

Pathetic… and not ONE word of thanks to the real heroes who swam out and rescued her.

Very nice and Christian… Screw you guys, I’m thanking GOD…..

Ah, yeah… I address the “Thank God” crap HERE.

Whilst I’m at it, please feel free to look at some more of my religious picture rants over at Pinterest.

As I state on the Pinterest page:

 If you find offence in religious humour or commentary, then back away now. I’m not forcing you to look, so don’t go going all preachy on me. Respect. Peace Out.

Have a look, but go tongue in cheek, if you catch my Tokyo Drift. Don’t get all Fast and Furious on me!!!

Share this & save a life… REALLY.

Oh crap…. He’s on one!

Actually, by sharing this, you ARE more likely to help save a life, or protect an endangered species, or stop someone getting car jacked, or help raise money for truly needy charities and programs…

Money scams, charity requests, sick kids, murderers, stalkers of women drivers, dead soldiers, freebies, Facebook charges….. and OMG LOOK WHAT THIS GIRL WAS CAUGHT DOING BY HER DAD…….

Rather than fuelling the crap, why not check the validity of it at somewhere like first?

I know you mean well…. but…… ARGH!!!!

You see, every time I see a scam ‘Share this to help raise money for this child with cancer‘ story in my Facebook feed, or a tweet… even if it is well meaning… a little bit of me dies.

Okay, so technically a little piece of all of us is dying all the time, as cells die and new ones regenerate… but that’s beside the point…

Very sad, but you're not helping THIS child... or anyone else.

Most of the stories are scams and falsehoods (verily).

They are contrived rubbish DESIGNED to make people want to spread them around.

Yes…. People are arseholes who prey on other people.

At best, all these continuous ‘PLEASE SHARE THIS!!! URGENT‘ etcetera stories just numb people, and eventually, like the kid who cried……


…….people just ignore them, they become blasé …. and in doing so, the REAL stories… the REAL advice… the REAL charities…. that GOOD stuff gets ignored too.

A High Horse, Yesterday

Whilst I’m way up here on this high (but extremely valid) horse,  please….please…. don’t say things like;

Well, maybe the one legged child didn’t save the leprous old woman, but it’s a lovely story about human nature…

…because it isn’t. You’ve just made more people ignore REAL messages. You’ve just killed a rain forest and let more people die from an illness that NEEDED real help. Moron.

You’ll most likely find the messages, status updates, tweets etcetera, are variations of old emails that were written to make people spread the sad tales around, whilst actually spreading an attached virus that you didn’t know about.

Same goes for the emails, texts and messages that say:

Send this to 5 friends right now or an elephant will shit on your car and your first born will be born terminally stupid“.

Then people say “What harm can it do to share it? Ho ho!!!“… apart from the virus it may carry… or the fact that people will just end up ignoring relevant information you send them because they are so used to the bogus stuff you send out…. well…. no harm at all… Although are you really that crazed to think forwarding on this pap will actually get you some good luck… or do you really fear the bad things that might happen if you don’t forward it on?

Are you really from the Middle Ages?

Look, just extinguish that witch you are burning and stop worrying that the sky is falling and CHECK YOUR FACTS FIRST….

If you want to share something, it’s not better to be safe than sorry… it’s better TO BE RIGHT.

Less fictional, poorly researched crap means people take note of the real news, the real information…. I’m sure I’ve said that enough now….

So you see… by sharing THIS blog entry, and getting people to check sites such as first before blindly sharing and posting bogus information, well…. you could save a life…. because the less cries of wolf there are, the more likely it is that people will take notice of the real stories again… and then those people might help the child, donate to charity, stop the internet virus…

Search FIRST

So, next time you see some repeated repeated repeated status update, tweet, message, email etc…. then share this blog entry with that person….

….and relax……

Houston, we have a problem

I woke at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I looked at my iPhone and read the news.

Whitney Houston has inevitably died.

I then tried to get back to sleep, but a song was stuck in my head…

No… Not a Whitney song, but Tim Minchin’s Pope Song (Download free at his website HERE)

(Lot’s of swearing, but the message is spot on).

Anyway… yes, Whitney Houston had died. That once amazing songstress and actress.

Personally, I liked some of her songs, and it’s a shame to see a wasted life, but I didn’t know her & I’m not overly upset.

More upsetting is the fact that people are dying everyday, trying make our lives safe, to protect us, and they don’t get a mention. People dying from incurable diseases who didn’t bring it on themselves… What about them?

Nope, the death of someone who chose their own terminal lifestyle is more important.

I have few tears for self indulgent drug abusers. If you become an addict through your own choices, then you made your own bed.

Each time a celebrity or well known figure dies from drug use, every time the news shows drug abusers, the general population look on and see them all as junkies. This really doesn’t help the cause of those people who have become addicted to their prescription medications, as people see all addicts under the same banner.

I’m not saying Whitney Houston’s death isn’t news, as she was a household name around the world, I’m just saying there are more important things going on in life. Pretty much like Tim Minchin says in his Pope song….. Anyway, I digress.


Before her life choices

She made her choices, and the result is a pretty good anti-drug message.

After her life choices

Anyway, some people on the ‘social media‘ sites are getting angry at negative Whitney comments & jokes.

Look, some people didn’t like her. That didn’t suddenly change when she died.

Don’t speak ill of the dead, they say…

Right then, no more Hitler jokes or mentions of how much of an evil genocidal tyrant he was. He’s dead, so you have to love him too. Just a shame about the Jews really.


The lovely, misunderstood Mr Hitler

Pol Pot can’t be referred to as a murderous mad man. Sure, 2 to 4 million people died (20% of his country) under his rule…. but he’s dead now, so we shouldn’t mention that.


Pol Pot smiling as he watches a butterfly

Sure, the jokes can be seen as a bit crass when she only died hours ago, and sure, people could hold their tongues for a while… BUT if they didn’t give a rats arse about her when she was alive, then can you really expect them to give a rats arse now?

Heck, when that pain in the arse car crash Jade Goody died, I still managed some respect, even through I couldn’t stand her.

Gah!!!! Moron.

Twitter, Facebook & other ‘social media‘ sites are a slice of many people with many views. If you tweet or use Facebook, then you’ll see it all. Some good, some bad, but some of everything none the less.

People are individual, so expect individual views.

In much the same way you can have a film or new Dr. Who episode spoilt by a Tweeter who’s seen the show before you have, you can guarantee dead celebrity jokes will do the rounds.

When dealing with a cross section of people from around the world, you must expect these comments. Simple as that.

Ignore them. Just don’t waste your time moaning about them.

It’d be easier to stop the Earth from spinning than it would be to stop dead celebrity jokes/comments & TV show spoilers.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways.

Thank … God?

Okay… there are a lot of links in this blog entry. They go some way to showing what is involved, and who is involved, in parts of the following tale…. It is quite a short write up, considering how deep I could take it… so please bear with me…

The Scene…

A lorry has a tyre blow out on a major busy road in a hilly area of the country.

The trailer slides across the Tarmac & hits a car.

The car is smashed off of the road and it ends up upside down at the roadside.

A little girl inside is seriously injured.

In seconds, the traffic has stopped & other road users are phoning in the accident. They use mobile phones that have been developed over time by countless thousands of engineers who can trace telephone technology back to people like Bell and Marconi – or in this case, Dr Martin Cooper of Motorola with the first mobile phone.

These engineers went to school, college & university to study. They were taught by countless more lecturers & teachers who spent their lives learning their vocational skills and also attending schools, colleges, universities etc to enable them to go on and educate others. The same is said of the people who trained these instructors and… well, it goes on and on. Thousands of people lead to the witnesses of the crash being able to phone emergency services.

Of course, the emergency services couldn’t be contacted if there was no telephone infrastructure in place, and also if there was no way to generate electricity to power the systems that allow for the phones to charge and for the entire grid of communications to operate.

Again we have engineers, scientists and the initial inventors to thank for harnessing the power of electricity, into making it possible to give all the houses & businesses the ability to power their equipment… and go in all of the cars, lorries, boats, aircraft and so on… that all need batteries to start/run their engines, motors & electrical systems. And again there are the instructors, lecturers etc that teach these skills to enable this resource to develop and operate safer & more reliably day after day…. and the people who taught the people to teach…

Thinking about it, those teachers need somewhere to teach… so we must remember architects, builders, plumbers (ooh, the Romans for their work on plumbing), electricians, carpenters, roofers etc… and all the people who taught them… and those that taught those that taught them… etc.

Oh Hell, mustn’t forget the workers (and those that died progressing their areas of employment, working to provide for our prior generations, and those to come) in foundries, mills, mines, quarries who supplied the materials to build the schools… And don’t forget the people who taught them…. and here we go again….

So far we have a witness calling for help over a mobile phone, and someone from the emergency services taking that call & passing it on the the relevant rescue services… and we have thousands and thousands of people who helped make that call take place…. So many people who are each owed something for what they brought to the table on this day, so to speak.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Rescue and emergency services head out to the crash site. The rescuers included countless Police to divert traffic & control the crash scene for starters. Then the ambulances & fire engines come along. Paramedics & firefighters to cut the victims from the wreck & give emergency aid to get them stable for the urgent ambulance helicopter flight to an airport so that the girl can be transferred to a faster aircraft to get to the hospital.

I've worked on this aircraft at GAMA - I'm part of this huge chain that helped.

Think of the technology, the training, the skills and dedication involved in all of this! Even down to the rescue services “Jaws of Life“… the hydraulic cutters used to remove the roofs off of cars to allow people to be removed from them safely…

Heck, we need to thank the ancient Greeks & Chinese for their initial work in hydraulics, and Blaise Pascal (1600’s) for his work in modern hydraulic principles, that eventually lead to generations of teachers training generations of engineers to eventually come up with, and make “The Jaws of Life”.

All of those emergency vehicles have engines that developed from steam engines to internal combustion engines… We owe Karl Benz for some of the first practical motor cars… Nikolaus Otto is to thank for coal/gas burning reciprocal engines.

Then there’s the gas turbine engine in the air ambulance helicopter… this goes back to Bernoulli and more practically, Sir Frank Whittle… Oh yeah, the helicopter goes back to Leonardo da Vinci… and the modem father is Igor Sikorsky.

The technology that went into making all of those car, lorry, helicopter systems etc… is owed to an impossible number of inventors, scientist, scholars, boffins…. teachers, foundry workers… and on and on….

Almost forgot Babbage & the calculating machine he created, or the first simple mechanical computer of Thomas Fowler in 1840! … or the many variations of the abacus… or the efforts at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing and Tommy Flowers… regarded as the fathers of modern computing… Without this line of thought & engineering, the computer reliant vehicles (ground and air) would not function… or be able to be designed…

Do I have to go into how many people have helped progress THIS side of technology! MILLIONS! Don’t forget all of those ancient mathematicians that developed theories, rules, formulas etc that allowed ANY engineering to take place… Archimedes, Aristotle, Pythagoras… some of maths many fathers…

So yeah… The little girl is cut from the car & her condition is stabilised. She is put in the helicopter & flown to the hospital (by trained pilots who have spent years training etc and so on… you know what I mean by now…).

She arrives at the trauma centre, which was an idea first established in the 1960’s by R Adams Cowley, and is rushed into surgery (developed from around the 1500’s by countless scientists and researchers in medicine)… and I think if you have half a brain cell, that you’ll know where this is heading….

Trained staff, technology, inventors, scientists, infrastructure, upper tier staff, lower tier staff, buildings, services…. allowing the paramedics, doctors, nurses & other specialists to save the little girls life, using equipment that has been developed over generations of medical and non medical research, by people whose names you can’t help but recognise, including the likes of Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, Hannah Myrick, Louis Pasteur, Alexis Carrel and Henry Dakin, Joseph Lister…. the list is endless…. or at least it may as well be, because every branch of medicine or medical research was generated from a different branch, or developed into others…

Research has expanded and helped us… and with that expansion comes the need for more people to teach, to learn, to think, to progress…

Millions of people and their ancestors all helped

The above list doesn’t touch the surface of all of those that were involved in that one little girls life being saved, but as you can see, the human count in this pyramid that ends with that little girls life contains millions of unsung heroes. People who worked just to find answers. Some were imprisoned & forced to work. Some were slaves, some were kings & queens… All walks of life through the ages.

And then there’s the press who interview the parents after the girl has been saved…. and the parents… they turn to the camera and say into the microphone…

“Thank God our daughter survived…. We knew he was looking down on her all the time…”

No mention of the Doctors, the nurses, the pilots, the Police, the rescue and emergency services, the witnesses at the scene… let alone the millions in history that allowed it to all play out….

Even if you are religious, then sure, thank your God, but don’t forget the physical people who did all the hands on work.

If you do want to thank ‘God’….. Don’t forget one tiny little thing…

…Who do you think allowed the crash to happen in the first place?

Yes, you guessed it....

You live on the shoulders of millions who lived before you.

Don’t ever forget that.

Oh, and before you go and say “It’s all a test God has set us“… then please read THIS

Black Rhino Down

The Western Black Rhino has been declared extinct.

Good job guys. Hope you feel proud.

We look back at the human caused extinction of the Dodo and we think how stupid we were… and yet it goes on.

Anyway, with this in mind… a philosophical question for you… (fictional…)

Pay to Kill
A company is set up to breed endangered species.

This costs a lot of money to run, so to fund themselves they open a reserve for hunters to pay top dollar to hunt & kill the endangered animals.

They plan to release a breeding pair of an endangered species for every one of that type that is shot.

So, for every three lions they breed, one is put on the reserve to be hunted, and the other two (breeding pair) are released to the wild.

This means:

Without the company, for each endangered animal that is hunted & killed there is one less of that animal in the world (until they are extinct).

With the company, for each endangered animal that is killed there are two introduced back into the world.

Allow this company to set up breeding & controlled hunting & save a species OR don’t allow it and wipe out a species through illegal poaching…

There are only two options to discuss:
For or against?

Cars, and why Farnham Carriage Company suck(ed) the big one…

Another Update (November 20 2011):

It must be said that the responses to the blog that I originally wrote were mainly people having trouble with Max Emmerson-Fish. I don’t think anyone else had trouble with Glenbourne Motor Company apart from me. Both of these companies/people were operating under the umbrella of Farnham Carriage Company at the time, but have since moved on.

My last update (October 2011… below) was due to Martin Dawes from FCC contacting me. Within it I wrote that:

If Glenbournes fancy a bit of a shoulder pat for customer satisfaction, then they could buy our Fiesta back…

Well…. I received a call the other night from the owner, and he offered that very deal (or some other arrangement if we wanted). Now this does nod in Glenbournes favour, as even though this problem has gone on for a couple of years, they have not just brushed it under the table.

They have now followed it up to give me, the customer, the satisfaction I require. We have yet to discuss the finer points, but I want to get this blog updated to at least show they have stepped up to the mark, and to separate them from the Max Emmerson-Fish fiasco that a lot of my blog readers commented with.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I will go back to a company time and again if they offer good service. If they make a mistake, or something goes wrong, I won’t automatically walk away and never use them again IF they deal with the situation calmly, honestly and politely. If they ignore me, or blank me… or tell me to piss off…. then sure, I’ll not recommend them and I’ll spread the word around…. but if they do all they can to help, then that’ll gain my favour.

Faulty products happen. Sometimes they can’t be helped, sometimes wires cross, sometimes a company might just try to get away with something and get caught out…. but as long as they front up and DEAL WITH THE SITUATION, then I’d rather go to them, than go to someone with a better product and NO customer service.

Windows offer sod all customer service – or at least a customer service that is near impossible to deal with… yet the pricier Apple have customer service that is second to none. Honestly, they bend over backwards to delight the customer – even if it is the customers stupid ass mistake if something went wrong in the first place. They KNOW that any money lost in this type of event will come back in multiples if they give a good follow up service. I know this first hand – See HERE for details.


UPDATE (October 11 2011):

Okay – A strange thing happened tonight. I step out of the shower, throw some clothes on and the doorbell chimes.

The man on the doorstep is Martin Dawes of Farnham Carriage Company.

This is the company that in 2009 caused me a lot of problems (on going), and prompted me to write a blog entry. The blog entry gained momentum….

I was half expecting the visit at some point – and was in fact planning to call him up regarding this blog. I had a feeling that changes were in motion after receiving a response over the original write up (Aug 2009 – below). – THE RESPONSE

You see, this blog entry about his company has had so many hits that it ranked higher than the company itself.


This gave me a warm feeling inside – a victory for the man on the street…

…but as Martin Dawes of Farnham Carriage Company now explained from my doorstep, not only has Max Emmerson-Fish left the Farnham Carriage Company site, but so has Glenbourne Motors.

This means that Farnham Carriage Company has removed these tumours from site – and Farnham Carriage Company themselves would like to distance themselves from the past problems caused by the other people they shared the site with.

The thing is, I don’t want to remove this blog entry, and explained to Martin that, seeing as I have been getting more hits than Farnham Carriage Company itself, that as a gesture of good faith I would write this new introduction. After all, people searching for FCC will still land here, and from here they can click the link below to Farnham Carriage Company itself, happy in the knowledge that things have moved on, and that the people who caused my problems have been removed…..

As Martin said in a comment response in September this year:

Farnham Carriage Company would like to thank Max Emmerson Fish and Glenbournes for leaving the Farnham site. Please feel free to use this blog if you have any complaints regarding FCC and we will try our best to resolve any issues you may have, or telephone us on 01252 711900 anytime.

… oh yeah, they’ve gone all right…. but just in case you want to contact them… Just in case you have outstanding issues with them… Martin included their company details too. After all, free advertising cuts both ways.

So… Click link for the Farnham Carriage Company (now with 100% less Emmerson-Fish and Glenbournes):

Now with 100% less Emmerson-Fish and Purdy

If you have outstanding questions (etc, etc….) with either Glenbournes or Max Emmerson-Fish (Auriga), then I am sure that they’d be more than happy to hear from you at their new sites…….

Glenbourne Motor Company – Twelve London Road, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5HN

Glenbournes…. Just so you know

Max Emmerson-Fish can be found at Auriga Autos, Bowenhurst Golf Centre (apparently).

Oddly enough Auriga Autos only has a phone number, with no address. A car dealership who won’t say where they are? Am I the only one that thinks that is a bit odd…. It seems like someone is trying to stop their past catching up with them… but that’s probably just my strange way of thinking, and might not mean anything….

Address…. yeah…. erm….

If Glenbournes fancy a bit of a shoulder pat for customer satisfaction, then they could buy our Fiesta back for, lets say £995. It still drives poorly, the engine still misbehaves and we have to keep nursing it due to intermittent faults (which we are still trying to fix). Yes, that would be a turn around for the books – a phoenix from the ashes…. a fat chance of ever happening….

Hell…. whilst I’m dreaming… they could really get huge kudos from me if they gave me an old Discovery or Land Rover in exchange for the continuing nightmare of the purple Fiesta! As if….

That original blog:

Remember, Farnham Carriage Company are mentioned below in the original blog, but the group within FCC that caused all of the problems in the blog & the comments after the blog, have moved on (Glenbournes/Auriga). As far as I am aware, FCC are now a good company to deal with. Credit to Martin Dawes for coming over to see me to explain the recent history.

So… step back in time…

Cars, and why Farnham Carriage Company suck the big one…


August 23rd, 2009

The Purple Fiesta died again…. due to a mistake that could only have been made by a mechanic used by a Farnham car dealership.

Lets start at the beginning…. Due to some unobservant idiot driving into our Citroen Berlingo and sending it to the car graveyard we were forced into buying a replacement car in a very limited time.

Death of a work horse

Death of a work horse

We found a Purple Ford Fiesta with low mileage and in superb condition at Farnham Carriage Company.

It was purchased with 3 months warranty and a service. I had looked over the car and found the handbrake a bit slack, and a spark plug hanging out. Not to worry, Farnham Carriage Company said it would be serviced before I picked it up.

I picked it up… got home… spark plug still loose… handbrake on end of adjustment.

Mechanic said spark plugs in Fiestas have a tendency to do that (can you smell that? can you?)

60 miles later it blew its guts out on the M3…. head gasket had blown…

Theyll do that...


Oh yeah, they’ll do that if the temp gauge doesn’t work – a known issue – Missed at service.

So they fix it – In the meantime I chuck money on top of the purchase price as I have to get a hire car for a week – which Farnham Carriage Company don’t pay for.

We get the car back and it doesn’t sound right. The sales ‘robot’ says I’m being over sensitive and just picking out faults. He says it sounds fine for a car of that age. I say it may sound fine for a car of that age, but it sounds bad compared to how it was when I brought it… 60 miles earlier.

Getting fed up of trying to get the smug numpty to even admit there may be a fault, I accepted to drive away and give it a go.

Less than 8 weeks pass and it blows its guts out again. It turns out that the mechanic hadn’t fixed a pipe back properly and it had worn through on a drive shaft. Water emptied everywhere. Car had to go back to the warranty garage at Farnham Carriage Company… and I had to get a hire car again…. yet more money!

The mechanic tries to use sticky tape to do a temporary repair… chucks water out again… funny that.

I tell him I’ll leave the car there until he gets the parts in.

We have to pay half of the bill under warranty conditions, even though it’s the fault of the repair THEY carried out last time. Bloody cowboy criminals. Half the £100 bill…. which doesn’t cover the £200 hire car…. Their £50 is no way half of the costs these repairs have cost me. Thieves, if you ask me.

Farnham car salesman yesterday

Farnham Carriage Company yesterday?

They even tried to say the pipe might have been like that all along! That’s a bunch of arse – No way a rubber pipe would last 60,000 miles bouncing on a drive shaft! Maybe 1000… which is what I had done since the head gasket repair was carried out…. what a coincidence… Yeeee haw!!! COWBOY! You don’t need to be ‘engineeringly minded’ to realise this doesn’t add up.

So they fix it… ahem. Chris drives it home. The thing is filthy orange from all the rusty water that has sprayed all over it… and they didn’t even bother cleaning it. Chris then notices a big scratch where something has rubbed hard against the wing whilst at the garage.. bloody shoddy workmanship, and no care for the customer vehicles.

Hoik spooot!


She then pops the bonnet up and sees…. NO WATER in the car again! She calls the garage and they say that sometimes after a repair like that, the water needs time to settle and get the air out of the system! Once more the flaming cowboy alarm goes off! I have done car and aircraft maintenance, and I know that after topping up reservoirs and systems you BLEED them.

You don’t give an unfinished job to the customer and try to fob them off with some half arsed lame tale, because according to other technicians I know, and general engineering common sense, that’s exactly what it was – an excuse.

I did double check with a couple of well trusted auto technicians I know…. and they said that you would never return a car like that. One even said that he would bleed the system fully, but also tell the customer to check the level once they got home just in case there had been an air block. The Farnham guy mentioned nothing.

There you go – If you are looking for a car or mechanic, then stay clear of Farnham Carriage Company if this is anything to go by. Seriously.

I am honestly thinking of legal action, as the car fails to meet SSG act limitations.

LATEST NEWS: Farnham Carriage Company and the AA FAIL – It goes on – Still haunted by FCC

On the plus side, I was forced into getting a second car sooner than I had envisaged.

We always needed the two cars as I need one for work, and Chris needs one for here weekly tasks. I had a list of things to look for in a car, and number one was it had to have the VW TDi engine…. so that meant a VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat….

I had been looking for some time, but no cars matched my criteria – and if they did they were in Scotland or some other far flung location. The day the Fiesta blew its pipe I was desperate to find a car as I needed reliable transportation to do my 110 mile round trip to work each day.

My luck was in this day… Whilst waiting to pick up the hire car I carried out an search… and there was a ’96 Audi A4 only 7 miles away… in my price range…. with a service history that was so anal it was untrue! This car has been so well looked after! It appeared to be owned by a person who would replace a whole engine if an air filter needed changing! A quick test drive and a look through the records and I was off!

Mr Audi

Mr Audi

The only problem was a mismatched alloy wheel – but £30 later and eBay got me 5 second hand A3 alloys with good (nearly new) Pirelli P6000 tyres… only 5 miles from my place of work! A little bit of luck was due our way!

The fan belt was on the way out though – but one chat to my auto technician friend, a Haynes manual later, and a trip to Camberley Autofactors and I was elbow deep in the engine bay.

Haynes said remove the front bumper and associated parts, and jack the car up, use axle stands, two people etc….. I managed with opening the bonnet and cranking a 15mm spanner to swap the belt over! (with a third hand from Chris to keep tension on as I fed the new belt in). This was thanks to advice from the technician I use – and can’t rate highly enough!

I took the new Audi (or Mr Audi, as Alex calls it) to T.J Services – who I trust. I wanted to get a service done to make sure it is all up together. He looked over the history and was taken back by the work the previous owner had carried out. Most of the expensive bits that haunt any car… all of them had been replaced already! I had spotted a gem of a car! Trevor (T.J) simply said he’d see me at the next MoT, as no work was needed yet. Hurrah for honest tradesmen!

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