You Idiot…

Tired out from a mix of work & lack of sleep…

I finished work today, happy to have got an important analysis sent off to an important customer… I crossed the road from my office & clocked out in the admin building, then strolled to my car, which I had parked in a back road behind our building. I do this to avoid the traffic snarl ups that can occur on the main road in front of our building…

As I rounded the corner I became aware that the nose of my car wasn’t where I expected it to be… I walked on and there was an Audi sized space, but no Audi. I Felt sick….

I looked for any sign of towing due to illegal parking, but I wasn’t parked illegally… ARGH!

I dialled the first few digits for the Police, then stopped, swore at myself & walked back to my car, which I had walked past with my boss a few minutes earlier when we left the building. I was parked next to him….

Oh yeah… I’d parked out the back the day BEFORE….

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