The Fry Effect

Thanks to Kate Smurthwaite and Stephen Fry, my new blog (God and Son) has had a very good first couple of weeks.

Today was spectacular, thanks to ‘The Fry Effect‘… AΒ  single retweet by Stephen Fry and God & Son went ballistic… Within a couple of minutes over 2,500 people had visited the blog…. This quieted down to about 1 hit a second for the next 3 hours….

I don’t expect to keep up such incredible numbers, but the initial publicity is fantastic!

This is the link he re-tweeted: (Pop Goes Your Head)

And this is the effect after 3 hours….

During typing this blog entry, another 1000 hits have taken place….


I figure (and this works quite well on ‘celebs’…)

  • 25% of a Twitterers followers are active (the rest just add them as a friend and don’t really interact).
  • 1% of them would click a link the Tweeter posts.
  • 1% of them will be repeat site visitors.
  • This worked out pretty accurate when Wossy re-tweeted my Twitter Guide.

So.. for Mr Fry:

Over 4,200,000 followers… my theory says 1,050,000 active…. so 10,500 people will click the link and 105 will be repeat visitors.
So far, 14,000 people have hit my site today, so I’m a little out, but that is down to how many ‘ripple effect‘ re-tweets.

The ‘ripple effect‘ re-tweets work out just the same as the initial re-tweeting. Someone re-tweets the initial re-tweet…. Fry re-tweets me, someone re-tweets Fry…. someone re-tweets the person who re-tweeted Fry… etc

The percentage breakdown of those ripple tweeters followers now add to the hits my site gets… which explains the additional 4,000 hits above the theorised 10,000 initial hits from Stephen Fry.

At 10,000 hits I did notice a drop in hits per minute…. from 75 per minute to 50 per minute… which would suggest the initial Fry effect was now being passed over to the effect that HIS re-tweeters were giving me.

It all works out somehow….

Anyway, as a rule of thumb, it’s not too bad…

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9 responses to “The Fry Effect

  • Pop Goes Your Head « God and Son

    […] to Stephen Fry for his re-tweet on this post today – Here’s how crazy it went: Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestMoreTumblrDiggLinkedInStumbleUponRedditEmailPrintLike […]

  • pinkagendist

    The problem is: Stephen Fry followers are people who can read and write, so they’re already on our side! I think we need to go for controversy, why don’t you tweet Anne Widdicombe?!/widdecombepp


  • LB

    I already had a re-tweet from Christine Hamilton….

  • mud4fun

    LOL, I can only dream of that number of hits on my blog. Incredible. Almost makes me want to think about twittering πŸ˜‰

    The thing is though for me my blog is really a technical site and I’d rather have 100 hits from people that actually read the pages and made use of them than 1000 people that just got the page and then got bored and clicked away.

    However I find it fascinating looking at the stats of the pages that are hit and the topics that get the most attention and the images that get the most clicks. In many cases they are the pages that I would consider least useful and least intersting or least relevent to the main reason for my site. Not sure if you find the same?

    Anyway, a thought provoking and interesting post once again. πŸ™‚

  • LB

    Ah, now that’s the thing…. A lot of the hits are one time throw away window shoppers. Out of those though, a certain percentage do stick around.

    A few more good hit days like that & the site will really be humming!

  • mud4fun

    Ah, I see your point. Rather like junk mail I guess, most throw it away but some do ultimately proceed to buy the goods πŸ™‚

    The problem for me is that with my site tending to be a build diary of Land Rover rebuilds I end up with months at a time of no progress due to poor weather (currently waiting to spray my body panels but need warm dry conditions……) and then a flurry of activity in those few warm months which is not great for people expecting regular updates.

    The site is also quite technically biased so is of limited appeal. Oddly enough or perhaps as I should really have expected, the topics that do get the most hits are the less technical stuff and in extreme cases pages that relate to some odd hobby I mentioned briefly rather than the Land Rovers which is the main subject of the site! I guess I really am not a good judge of the general publics behaviour.

    I’ve been studying the stats recently and find it amazing that 99% of my traffic comes from google image searches. While the site doesn’t attract such huge volumes as yours it seems to be quite high ranking amongst its peers and I’m guessing that is because it is picture laden compared to other more textual based sites. In a way this is a shame as it suggests to me that people are less likely to read textual content and learn from it and instead drift from one image to another but my wife disagrees and thinks that once attracted in by an image they will tend to come back later and digest the text. I have yet to be convinced πŸ˜‰

  • LB

    Oddly, the most hits I get are on the oddest of subjects.

    In all my time on the net, a 20 second YouTube video I posted in 2006 has had 1.3 million hits……

    I hadn’t realised this until recently. It’s a crappy clip & all I do is fire an elephant gun into the sky…. 1.3 million…

    Good job I enjoy writing the blog for my pleasure, or that would really dampen my spirits over the time I put in to ‘good’ blog posts!

  • mud4fun

    LOL, I’m glad I’m not the only one πŸ™‚

    Take care and rest assured that you have at least one follower that appreciates you for your writing as much as your youtube vids πŸ™‚

  • LB

    Ta! The same goes with your Landy work. Us Landy addicts need to stick together!

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