RIP Speedway Squad – Long Live Horsetrack Hooligans!

You may remember a few years back that I blogged about Speedway Squad, who had a podcast that really helped keep me smiling during my time out with a screwed back. These guys were funny, observational and never even saw the lines they crossed because they hit them too fast….

….and then this year the podcast vanished. A few disjointed final episodes dribbled out of the squad teats, but by then I think all of the loyal friends and fans knew that the Squads ‘Bob’ was off to new things. That was actually pretty obvious, as through all of the various episodes we got an insight into their lives, so you got an idea of what they were going through…. and you got an idea that the last few episodes were coming (sad for the listener, but you couldn’t help but feel happy for the guys…. or at least Bob…)

After Yoko came along, the band pretty much split up. It’s not me, it’s you…. Mid-life crisis over… Podcast urge gone…. Speedway Squad bit the bullet… But like a flaming retarded phoenix from the oddly sticky ashes… *ta dah!* HORSETRACK HOOLIGANS!!

Now from the burning wreck of Speedway Squad some hands grabbed in the dirt to pull tangled bodies free… and they had help from BAAAAAAANKS!!!!

Bob could not be seen…. Some say he got away from the carnage and will special guest on Horsetrack Hooligans…. Others say he has mutated into a normal person and now has a life…. The jury is out….

Some people put THEIR lives before my pleasure, dammit…. but that’s all changed again! Hurrah!!!Now dance for me, DANCE I SAY!!!!

I can’t recommend Speedway Squad enough – and also Caustic Soda. Here’s to Horsetrack Hooligans bringing some more top podding to the table!

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