Out of puff…

I was going to take ‘Frank’ to work tomorrow…. Pretty long haul for one of my first proper road trips in the old fella…. Carried out all the checks tonight to make sure I was good to go. Filled the tank & seized the filler cap so it wouldn’t seal… Half an hour later with no tools (yet…) I fixed it.

Then went to do the tyre pressures. Oops… These must be the original tyres, what with Frank having only clocked 4300 miles. They are cracked a little… and after a valiant 20 minutes on the foot pump (the forecourt pump just wouldn’t touch it), I had the spare up to 28PSI…. but it was leaking like an M15 document being looked after by Sony….


So…. I’m not risking over 100 miles of round trip on four geriatric tyres and no spare. Next stop the Internet… Let’s see what I can get for Frank to wear…

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