Schrödinger’s Terrorist

Look! A bandwagon! JUMP ON IT! Why not? Every one else is.

Yes, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

And alive.

It really depends on whether you believe the news. We are so used to lies and cover-ups it is no wonder that people are questioning whether Osama really has been killed.

The events of the day really to add fuel to the conspiracy theorists. Osama was killed in a raid by US soldiers and he was then buried at sea. Sometimes things do happen just like the news says and there is no conspiracy…. but where’s the fun in that?

Lot’s of people are saying that he’s not really dead – after all, there is no body. Both pro and anti Osama groups are questioning the validity of these claims – and both pro and anti Osama groups are accepting the claims. The world is ripe for disinformation right now.

So… Why lie about his death? It’s good for votes and popularity if you are in anti camp. The thing is, the latest polls say that POTUS Obama didn’t really gain much from this.

Okay… why dump the body as soon as possible? Well, that way people won’t have a grave or place to gather, rally or protest. With no burial site, there is no focal point for anything (Sure, people will find a place and associate it to him, but it’s not the same).

Maybe the body was dumped because he was captured alive and then executed there and then. That would do away with the red tape and legal hearings etc, etc, etc…

I’m happy to accept the news as it has been given, but if I had to come up with a conspiracy theory, here are a few things I’d look at with the limited data I have…

My half-arsed theory…

Would I kill him? Hell no! This guy is the head of the largest terrorist group around. He’s the main man, the knowledge base of all evil… he’s too valuable to kill. Think about what he knows?

Trouble is, capturing him is a problem. If you lock him up for questioning you end up being a focal point for hoards who want to rip him to shreds or  get him to safety. All the time he is alive the terror groups will blow things up to try to get him back. Hell, even bleeding heart liberals will protest for him to have rights and a fair trial. Anyway, with him gone someone else will just take his place… His death won’t end a thing.

So…. Why not capture him, tell the world he is dead, and that the body was dumped at sea? When no body turns up the terror groups will eventually have to accept he is dead. Let’s face it – if the whole raid was a lie, then eventually he’ll turn up anyway, and a whole lot of people will have a whole lot of questions to answer…

If you capture him but then say he was killed, you then have all the time in the world to ‘question’ him. No one will be there to defend him, try to free him, protest for or against his life… after all… he’s already dead.

You’ll have all the un-legislated, un-lawful drugs and devices to use to interrogate him… You can find out all about Al-Qaeda and their structure, plans, strengths etc…  after all, a dead man has no human rights…. You can ditch the body in years to come when he has absolutely nothing left to offer.

Whatever happened, why worry yourself? You don’t have enough support, ability or resources to find out any information on what really happened, so just trust the news on this one….


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