Crash and Burn spotters!!

So I was stood by this lovely XK120 when a guy with his mates came up to look at the car.

One said it was an XK140. I turned and said that it’s a 120 – you can tell by the split screen and low swooping body work.

His friend replied that it was most definitely a 140 – they too had split screens.

I replied that I was unaware of that, and as far as I was concerned, this was a 120, as the sides had a very exaggerated sweep and along with the split screen, it was a 120.

The other friend started looking over the car and said he also thought it was a 140…. I wasn’t going to back down – after all, I was damn sure I was correct AND I had been telling Alex all about these cars… and daddy couldn’t bee seen to be wrong.

As the three guys were saying how it must be a 140, Alex tugged my sleeve and pointed at something.

I saw what Alex was pointing at, then mentioned it to the three guys, who muttered to themselves and left it at that.

Alex was grinning and pointing at the tax disc “JAGUAR XJ120”


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