Humanity? I hand in my ‘human’ card then.

This isn’t my screen grab. I wish I knew who made it, as they have a stronger stomach than I do because they managed to put this collage of hate together – They had to see each comment as they assembled it – and that would have made me far too angry and sick.

Don’t start going on about how extreme the Middle East is, don’t start ranting about how bad Muslims are (other religions also apply), the ‘lack of foreign tolerance‘ or ‘all these foreigners‘, when total ARSE HOLES like this are on your side of the fence.

Stay classy, human race. Stay classy.

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7 responses to “Humanity? I hand in my ‘human’ card then.

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    […] This collection of vile and thoroughly hostile Facebook status comments exude animosity and revenge driven venom for not only the victims of this terrible tragedy but for Japan as a country. Why? Well Pearl Harbour of course. That’s right an act of war that happened nearly 70 years ago, regardless of the fact that most of the people caught up in this disaster weren’t even born back then. Really? This is how far we have come as a human race? (via Sometime Space) […]

  • Martin Smith

    Telling that most if not all of the ignorant, hateful remarks come from one part of the world.

  • JallieDaddy

    All good Christians no doubt. It begs the question, which apparently is beyond the ‘intellect’ of these thoughtful, intelligent souls: what was 9/11 payback for?

  • NeilM

    you have to permit people their points of view. The fact is,although you so wish it were the case,these are not ‘bad people’. These are – in the main – people(some,but not all by any means) who are quite evidently unacquainted with the ‘liberal tradition’. They don’t have that drive anywhere in them to feel superior to those who speak their minds,without first checking with head office . .they’re innocents in a lot of ways.Their whole milieu is well worth further study.

  • Lucas Black

    A point of view should be based on fact. I don’t think many people would disagree that the people who wrote these vicious statements are of a very, very insular nature. The only ‘facts’ they have are those of the sound bites of information they choose to hear on TV shows or through general passed on second hand ignorance.

    I agree that people should be permitted to have their points of view, but in this case don’t mistake innocence with ignorance.

    I would put money on the fact that these people are so wrapped and swaddled in their own country, that they have little or no understanding of the world outside their little zone.

  • NeilM

    Oh,look,I don’t disagree with you that their point of view arises from somewhere deeply dumb. They’re dumb.
    But ‘arseholes’?. . I don’t know . .they’re insular,xenophobic and lack a base intelligence and circumspection we all take as a given. And yes,they vote and sit on juries . .but a lot of them,for various reasons,have evidently never received the benefit of a proper education. They think at a more primitive,emotional level than those who have.They’re logical processes are no doubt informed by stories of war-time atrocities and a limited understanding of the forces which propelled the Imperial Japanese to such an act of apparent lunacy as to bomb the American fleet. Their mindset is the villain here. There is a (perverse) energy and (twisted)sense of righteous indignation and outrage there which can be put to the good,if only we can find the key.

  • NeilM

    whoops . .I said: ‘They’re logical processes . .’ . .that slipped through . .

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