Buster is Alex’s school’s fluffy toy dog…. He is a project for the kids – in this case he is taken home over the weekend by a different kid each time and the kid has to keep a diary with photo’s.

Alex is the third to have the diary and Buster, so this weekend we went off to do some things that Alex enjoys. Buster came along with Alex’s own plush puppy ‘Puppy’ (which Alex has had since birth – a gift from Granny).

Saturday was a bit of a let down as the weather was on and off wet and dry. Alex, Puppy and Buster spent the day playing with cars and drawing (cars). Sunday though was more up Alex’s street…. it involved Goodwood and cars (oh, tell me you weren’t surprised…).

Alex, Puppy and Buster watch the cars hush past...

Greenpower run a schools event to inspire engineering in young people. It’s an electric car race and the finals were held at Goodwood. Alex has a great love of electric cars, so it was a no brainer that we would go and watch the race. We saw some pretty amazing cars and soon had our favourites.

Sandbach Brian - a crowd favourite

Sandbach Zebedee - The one to watch

Brian and Zebedee from Sandbach High School & 6th Form  College caught our eyes as they were in copies of real race colours – GULF and JPS. The two cars also looked well thought out and the team behind them were very focused. Little surprise to find out that this entry was from a girls school – and in engineering I have always found that the female of the species is often the stronger, as they have to fight harder to be noticed… they have to be better to be regarded as being equal to the men. Admittedly this view is dropping off, but in certain fields it is still sadly true.

Team C.A.U.C (Sandbach) 1st and 4th with a Williams F1 car

Sandbach were  a focused team and well driven – and got a 1st and 4th in the final for their efforts. Stunning cars too – really well thought out – and Alex just had to go back and see Brian after the race! Well done to the team for doing such a top job – you were the most talked about team in the crowds from what I can gather.

A few photo’s were taken of Alex, Puppy and Buster around Goodwood – including some by the Aston Martin V8 Vantage that Alex has been around the track in, and that Granddad uses on the circuit as a work car (jammy bugger!). Granddad then came over and popped Alex and friends up on an ambulance and crash truck for a few more shots. We then went on to watch some more racing and take a few more photo’s.

Alex introduces Puppy and Buster to Granddad

Alex & friends by the V8 Vantage he did laps in.

The prize was Williams F1 related, and as such there was a 2008/9 season Williams on display. This recently retired F1 racer was there to look at but that was it – it’s an expensive car (cost to build – not including development – is estimated in excess of £1.5 million – a wheel alone costs upwards of £25,000), and a fragile piece of equipment, so don’t touch…. unless you happen to be a car mad Alex with a loving Granddad in motor sports…

Alex, Puppy, Buster and £1.5 million worth of F1 car

Even Daddy hasn't sat in one of these... yet!

I wonder what the next outing will have in store for Buster, as he is handed back tomorrow… but I can’t help but feel that the benchmark has been raised a little…

More importantly though, Alex had a wonderful day. He kept saying “I really love Granddad – I will be a racing driver, won’t I?” on the way home… before falling asleep for the remainder of the drive. Job as a Dad done for the day!



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