Eelmore Sprint October 2010

Sprint racing: A timed car competition on tarmac. Cars racing one at a time on a set 1 to 2 mile route. Pretty much anyone can race as long as safety precautions are taken and rules are followed.

An eclectic range of cars showed at the Farnborough District Motor Club sprint. The weather turned out fine, and apart from me having a great time – Alex really enjoyed it (surprise!).


Alex trying to stop the FDMC banner from flapping...


Better still, Chris muttered that she wouldn’t mind giving this type of racing a go…. Woo hoo! Maybe I should take this opportunity to buy a cheap car and tweak it! PROJECT CAR!!!!!

Anyway… A good days racing with some surprising cars – including an awesome 7 litre V8 putting out 500bhp+… in a 4WD buggy! That thing shifted!!! Admittedly the first time he shot off the line, he overshot the first corner, but hey! these things happen!

Only one incident occurred whilst we were there. A Honda S2000 ‘fell off ‘of the track around a twisty bit of circuit, but the organisers took all the required precautions and medical care was there within seconds (yes, seconds), followed by the Police. From what I heard, the driver just suffered some cracked ribs and a few bruises and dented pride (racing clothes and helmets must be worn), but was otherwise okay…. although the car is a write off…. which is a bit of a problem for the drivers dad…. as it was his daily drive!


Warrior Indy - V8, 500bhp+


As per usual I took plenty of photos  – They can be viewed either on my Facebook pages, or Flickr pages.

There’s also this montage that I put together…. with the manic Warrior Indy at the end…

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