Where’s Wally? – The Audiobook…..

This idea came to me in the shower…

Why couldn’t it have been a good idea?


Wally – or Waldo for the American Market.

‎”From the top left, from left to right: A man. Bald. Blue trousers, White short sleeved shirt. Red shoes. He is smiling at the woman next to him. Woman, blonde with highlights. Green blouse. I say green, but it’s almost blue. She has pale grey slacks on. Pink pumps. She hasn’t noticed the man. A child, male, no shirt, tanned skin. Possibly from southern Europe. Red shorts, sandals. He doesn’t look as though he is related to the woman to his left, but he might be adopted. A young girl with an ice cream. She has a bathing suit on. It’s red. It has a picture of a daisy on it. She has a ball at her feet. A dog. A small dog, probably yappy and frankly irritating, but that’s neither here nor there. A man, black trousers. He has a yellow short sleeve shirt on with a car motif. His shoes are black with a silver looking buckle. He has a small beard and dark hair. He looks happy, but it’s as though he is hiding something from casual observers. A woman, dressed all in pink. She looks like a bruise and appears to have been crying……….”

Turns out Peter Serafinowicz used a very similar joke the same night before in a stand up gig. Hand on my heart I made this joke up with no known outside influences – but such is coincidence it is easily possible and plausible (and demonstrated here) that two people can come up with the same thing without contact with each other. It happens.

He actually contacted me on Twitter to ask if I had seen his show – I thought maybe he was about to offer me tickets – then he says he did the same joke the night previously! Coincidence is an odd mistress.

I’m not pissed with Peter for using my joke – and he’s not pissed with me for using his joke…(I don’t think he is anyway!)… regardless of it being the same joke….. No doubt we aren’t the only ones that came up with this very same joke either.


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