Why Apple Users Sing & Dance

Why Apple is king.

I lost a chunk (around 600) iTunes tracks (through my error), they helped me out. (I had order numbers and records).

You are hard pushed to find companies that will help you out if the problem is THEIR fault, let alone if the error was all down to the customer!

They did everything they could to replace the tracks I had lost – even though it isn’t really what they are meant to do.

They did say that I should make sure I back up fully, as replacing this many tracks is really a one time thing – and then they gave me advice on back up solutions. A class act!

Some tracks were over 60 days old, and their system wouldn’t allow them to be resent to me (they shouldn’t send things out again anyway – it’s not contractually what they do!), so they gave me a work around and said if I re-purchase, then they’ll refund!

The guy I was dealing with (based in the USA & all done quickly by email) was very positive, very friendly and 110% customer focused… and once it was all sorted he ended the final email conversation with:

“Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you”

Buying Apple doesn’t just end with the product on your table – They really care about their customers.

What does this “above and beyond” treatment of their customers get them in return? – Simple…. It gets them very happy customers who go on and tell people about their positive experience with Apple!

Go buy a PC and get service like that!

(I didn’t even get a reply from Amazon for the tracks I purchased there!)

I’ve dealt with Apple a few times, and each time it is so refreshing & hassle free!

Now you know why Apple users are some of the most loyal customers around!


Tidying up the final purchases/refunds today & Apple did it again!

I thought I couldn’t be more impressed by their service until an email I recieved today. Let’s just say it could be compared to buying a car, having a crash, and then the insurers giving you the full value of that car at todays price… not the depreciated value & not the old price. Yup… one happy customer!

The only way they could top this would be an iPhone 4, iPad WiFi/3g & Macbook Pro gift basket & fruit!

Damn they’re good!

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