BOGOF Yourself

This rant is FREE OF CHARGE!!!!


Yeah, I get fed up of offers like this because it feels like manufacturers are taking me for a mug. Do they think we’re all idiots?

Nothing is free okay?

The so called free things are absorbed into the huge price mark up already on the product. We’re still paying for them – maybe not so much, but I guarantee the companies are still raking in profits.

Telling me it’s free just says:

“We mark our products up sooo much & take sooo much of your money, that we can afford to REDUCE THE MARK UP and tell you that you are getting “free” stuff, but we’re still make huge profits, whilst you think you’re getting a great deal… you IDIOT! mwaaa haaaa haaaa! WE HAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!”

If it’s free, then it should cost nothing. Not reduced, not manufacturing cost price, but NOTHING.

Think about it:-
Gillette (eg) sells 4 cartridges & gives 4 extra away “free”…… You can bet they still make a profit… and that means they are charging WAY MORE than 100% of the price it cost to make the things in the first place.

What they are trying to say is:

We always mug you for your money… but we’re not mugging you quite so hard this time….

Stop with these sham deals and just REDUCE THE PRICE ONCE AND FOR ALL!

That goes to ALL manufactures, shops and products that use these deals – not just razors.


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One response to “BOGOF Yourself

  • matty

    i go into my local builders merchants and get 85% off gear yet they still making profit, if you walk in and ask for the gear they will charge you full price if you ask for discount they will immediately give you 45% and if you use them lots and moan and haggle they give you my discount

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