X-Factor Versus Rage Against the Machine

Okay, too much has been said about this already, but Simon Cowell really foot and mouthed it – and it sums it all up.

He complained that the push to get Rage Against the Machine (RATM) to number one for Christmas was both silly and cynical. He did not like the idea of this manufactured push to number one – hinting it was unfair….

With this in mind, please think about this….

Cowell puts on X-Factor to build up the buzz and hype around some wannabe pop stars.(These singers may have talent, but it really doesn’t matter, as all Cowell is doing is using them to his own cause).

He plans the show so that it ends just before Christmas.

The show hype is planned to hit fever pitch just in time for a Christmas release…. That’s a bit unfair…

All that built up hype from the TV show is then focused on the X-Factor winner (It doesn’t matter who wins…). It is unfair on all the other bands and singers that don’t have Cowell’s budget and the X-Factor backing.

On top of this, Cowell chooses a song from a current singer who already has a huge fan base… not just a huge fan base, but a huge fan base that crosses over into the X-Factor viewer fan base.

Yes… the X-Factor Christmas release already has fans BEFORE its release… before the singer is even chosen.

Cowell even said the song was chosen to boost the winners chance of a Christmas number 1!!!

So Cowell, shut the Hell up with your calls of  “unfair”  – You put everything into getting that number one spot – you do it for the money and you don’t care who your singer is, because you know the public will buy it anyway after all the planning you put into it.

It isn’t about the music, it’s about raping the British public for their money. It has so much planning, the singer doesn’t come into it.

So, who will win?

The chosen charity will get cash (a good thing)

Cowell will win, after all, the public brought into his crap, brought the single and after the prize money, expenses etc are split, he’s no worse off as the public financed it all with the record sales….


Even if they didn’t get number one, even if they only got into the top ten they will have won…. they will have got the message across that we, the thinking public, don’t want your forced X-Factor song EVERY BLOODY YEAR. That’s a win, even if the X-Factor had come in at Number 1.

If you really like Joe, then how can you let Cowell and his publicity machine use him – whore him out – as a puppet – just to line THEIR pockets…?

If you Love Joe… Buy RATM!

Puppet Boy


The UK’s Xmas Number 1 is Rage Against The Machine selling 502,672 copies. X Factor Joe is Number 2 having sold 450,838.

Joe – Keep up the music – but do it in your own time.

The RATM campaign was run by  @Jon_Magic & @Moogyboobles – Well done!

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