I went out with Alex today to B&Q to get a step so he can reach the sink and toilet easier….

… and came home with a trampoline…

Well, it was reduced from over £50 to £25 – and it’s a proper one – not some kind of kiddie trampette.

Full size Trampolining

On a full size trampoline at a party recently

Alex loved bouncing around on a friends full size trampoline at a birthday party recently, so when I saw this little one I decided to get it for him. Who am I to stand in the way of a little lad burning off energy!

We got home from B&Q and Alex was a bit on the tired side. He fell asleep as he watched a programme on the Monterey Classic racing at Laguna Seca in the USA (his choice). As he kipped I built the trampoline. It’s a very good one – sturdy, well designed and strong… at £25 it was a total bargain!

Alex woke a few hours later once the trampoline was built. He blinked his eyes a few times… asked for a juice… slid off of the couch and wandered into the garden… where he stopped… then jumped on the spot at the sight of the trampoline!

Once on the trampoline he started bouncing away! I then put on his Lazy Town CD and that was it! He was out there bounding and springing and boinging and spinning for over 2 hours non-stop!

I had the Mac running to try and get a few seconds of bounce to put up on Twitter, but within the recordings I took I managed to find some of him singing away as I went into the kitchen to get him a juice!

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