Replacing Bernie

I spent the day looking at cars to replace the dead Citroen Berlingo. By dead I mean murdered…. by a numpty who doesn’t understand what a red light means… or that it isn’t possible to drive THROUGH a car.

I’m not happy about car hunting under pressure. The pressure being that the insurance payout has been sent and we have just 8 days to find a new car and then we have to give back the courtesy car…. That’s 8 days from when they sent the cheque… not from when it has cleared…. so go figure…. 3 days in the post… 5 days to clear…. that leaves ZERO days once we get the cash! We don’t have that type of cash to go out and get a replacement before the money clears, so the pressure is on to find a car from a dealer that will accept a small depost and then the full payment once the insurance money clears….

….and that annoys me….

If I am looking for a car, I like to take my time and not have to force my decision. I like to have private and trade to look through. As it is I can only go trade as no private seller would work a deposit from a card payment (which is the only way I can do it…. remember the crap financial situation I ended up in after my bad back and “support” from my previous company….).

I have been looking for cars for a while ever since the crash – just in case. Trouble is even if I found a car, I couldn’t do anything about it until the money came through… and by then the car I had seen for sale would have been gone.

So… I am forced into an 8 day window with only trade sellers – and I can only search on Saturday and Sunday… so 2 days. That really doesn’t give me much choice.

I reckon if someone crashes into you, then you should get the value of the car PLUS compensation for the fact you are pretty much forced to buy what you need, instead of being able to take your time and get what you want. I may end up with a junker at the end of all of this. I haven’t found the car I want – but they do come on the market several times a week… but I don’t have time to wait due to these insurance restrictions… GAH!!!!

I pretty fed up of all of this stuff – We get all the pain all due to that idiot driver…. whose parents own a car breakers, so he was back on the road straight away. Grrrrrr

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