Twitter Mikeyy Hack – How to fix & avoid

Worried about Mikeyy hack?


Apparently random tweets being sent out from your account – Sounds like you have the worm… Heck – you might not even know until someone tells you….

BNO NEWS and TechCrunch Explains.

To avoid this hack DO NOT visit any other Twitter users profile. The worm is spread when you visit someone’s infected profile.

Also – do not click any links to STALK DAILY – Do not even visit the site. It is linked to the hack.

Better still – DO NOT USE Twitter via itself. Use iTweet, Tweetdeck, Twitterfon etc – any third party application AS LONG as it doesn’t link and open pages within itself.

Once more, the iPhone’s Twitterfon application is riding the waves on this one! A brilliant application!

WARNING!!! Tweetdeck is one of the applications that can link and open peoples profiles in itself – THIS IS BAD!!!!

If you use an application like this, be careful. In fact with Tweetdeck you can see peoples profiles within Tweetdeck itself. Just go into settings (the spanner at the top right) and UNCHECK (untick) the box in the GENERAL TAB that says “OPEN PROFILES IN WEB PAGE (SAVES API)”

NOTE: This hack DOES NOT steal your password. It doesn’t break into your bank account and steal your identity – it’s just a pain in the backside. It only works when you are logged in to Twitter – so it doesn’t need your password.

FIX: If you have the hack already – go into your twitter settings and reset them and change your password.

More fix info HERE if the above doesn’t sort it for you (Cheers for the heads up Julie).

This is all I have learnt so far – If you have anything to add, then please feel free to enlighten me!

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