Kill all Tigers?

Okay, so here’s a hypothetical for you…

A company is set up to breed and save endangered species. They are the only company with a successful breeding program, They need to find a means of income, and the only means of income that will cover their needs is from setting up a Game Park for the hunting of endangered species by wealthy game hunters.

The deal is this – The company will release two animals to the wild (a breeding pair) for every six animals that they breed in their organisation. The other four animals will be released into a game park to be hunted and killed.

So… for example… The Tiger is slowly dying out. This organisation comes along and breeds them to be hunted and shot… but also releases one third of what it breeds into the wild.

Without the company, the Tigers will die out anyway, but with the company the numbers will increase, but over half will be shot for game…. Those are the only two choices.

The only way to conserve the numbers is to fund the conservation by killing them……

It’s just a thought – very Utilitarian philosophical question…..

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