Twitterfeed Test

I use a thing called twitterfeed ( It feeds my Twitter updates with my new blog stories.

It can also update my Facebook status with my Twitter comments, but I only want my blog updates on Facebook, and not all of my tweets.

I figured I could use HelloTxt to get around this. HelloTxt takes my blog feed through Twitterfeed’s  HelloTxt feeder and forwards it to Facebook. Meanwhile I use Twitterfeed’s Twitter feeder to forward the same info to Twitter.

This gets over the problem of setting up Facebooks Twitter status update to read direct from Twitter – because using Facebooks twitter update means EVERY thing I type on Twitter becomes a Facebook update…. and I didn’t want that, as I mentioned at the start.

Confused? Well yes… you probably are. I am fumbling around this at the moment but if you need a hand, then drop me a line and I’ll see if I can help in some way – but bear in mind I’m no expert – I only know what I know!

Anyway, the main idea of this blog entry was to test the new settings….. Time will tell!


EDIT: Time has told….

After writing this blog Twitterfeed happily posted the new blog link and title over to Twitter, and also to Facebook.. and yet all my interim tweets have stayed on Twitter without going over the Facebook. Success!


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