It’s like Deja vu all over again

Almost three years ago…. Miew… the big daft sleek Labrador of a cat gave me a gift…. HERE IT IS

Tonight a similar thing occurred.

Okay… I’ll go a step back…. The two boy cats were sniffing around the couch. I decided to pull it away from the wall, where I see one of Chris’s headbands all gnawed up…. BUGGER…

My first thought is mice living in the couch… so I lift it and put a box under one end to keep it elevated. Taking a torch in one hand… and pushing the cats away with the other… I look underneath….

Yup… a mouse…. although no sign of poop or couch damage. Good… it must just have come in and hid there. Trouble is how to catch it.

It’s between me, Miew and Trouble. If Trouble gets it, it’ll be in for a bad time. If Miew gets it, it’ll be dead in a fraction of a second… or perfectly safe (Miew is an idiot!).

I try to get it…. I place tubes down to try and capture it, but with no luck…. and then it runs out and hides under Alex’s big toy truck. Miew has it pinned…..

I move the truck and Miew grabs the mouse and zooms upstairs…. BUGGER again… I give chase.

Sat outside of Alex’s room Miew holds the mouse. I grab Miew by the scruff and he drops the unharmed mouse who makes a dart for Alex’s room. Luckily we put a rolled up sheet under ALex’s child gate to stop the cats crawling under and making a noise at night.

The mouse hides in the rolled up sheet, so I carefully scoop it up. Chris opens the front door and I release the mouse away from the house. It scurried off with no sign of damage.

Miew is such a gentle giant! 1 stone of big and sleek cat!

As for the mouse….I think the little critter was bought in with some of Christines horse gear, or had been hiding for some time…. Initially I thought it might be living under the couch, but there are no holes or anything, so it was just hiding…

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