Sniffles, Lake and Golf

Little lad suffering from the sniffles today. He didn’t sleep very well, and we were up properly at around 6am.

I think this will be his worse day, as it is streaming out of him! A walk around the lake with some fresh air should help.

Loving the Lake

Loving the Lake

We went out yesterday (he asked) – but he tired suddenly halfway around…. I had to hoick him up onto my shoulders for about 3 miles!!!

Off for a lake walk yesterday...

Off for a lake walk yesterday...

3 Miles with a passenger... OOOOF!

3 Miles with a passenger... OOOOF!

In other news – My new job is going really well. It is fast moving and constantly changing – One of those jobs that has more to do in the day than the hours allow!

My first sale that I quoted, calculated, planned out etc went through on Friday – so that gave me a good feeling. There have been others – but that was my first “cradle to grave” order. Next week the item will be in build for the customer – so that will be cool to see!

Boss gives lots of constructive chats, so that’s great for me. I can’t stand jobs that have zero praise or zero critique. How can I improve if I don’t have feedback? How can my morale grow if I don’t get praise? So yes – I am very happy where I am!

I’ll need a new car soon too. We are down to just the Berlingo – and that isn’t greatly economical, seeing as I do over 100 miles a day. Money is still tight, so a new car is out of the question…. but there is one second hand car make that I trust well past 150,000 miles – and that is VW… Those things are bullet proof – I had an old Passat that just ran and ran. My idea is to get a £1000 -£2000 VW Diesel Golf 1.9 – It does around 60mpg+ on motorway trips and there are plenty of them about. One thing is for certain, Alex will love it as he really likes the VW badge!

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