R.I.P Puppet Girl

It was sad to hear of Jade Goody passing away on Mothering Sunday.

Regardless of my views on her, I feel sorry for the real friends and family that she left behind.

I didn’t like her public personna, but hey, that’s what choice is about. I could change the TV channel or choose not to read about her.

I don’t think I am stepping over the line by saying she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box. She was well known for her poor knowledge of many subjects (along with many other things). It is this general lack of awareness (or education) that makes it obvious that she was a media puppet. No fault to her as she didn’t have a clue (I’m sure we can all agree on that).

Up to her final day, and no doubt in months to come, the media will get all the mileage they can from her. I am sure people will come out of the woodwork to sell their stories.

I’m waiting for the conspiracy people to say that records were falsified so it looked like she passed on Mothers Day, when really it was late the day before. Any old rubbish to earn gutter rag page columns and magazine sales.

It’s all rather tasteless at the end of the day. She was just a woman who was in the right or wrong place at the certain time….

I called this blog “Puppet Girl” in reference to a Wendy James song. Maybe raising Cancer awareness in people that the Cancer message had otherwise missed was Jades way of cutting the strings and turning the media hype into a positive thing – or maybe I am giving her too much credit – either way, the message had gained some volume, so she has helped many more people, and for that we should be thankful.

Maybe another Wendy James (Transvision Vamp) song best fits Jade… “Born to be Sold”. She was a media Swatch girl who they used for their own purposes, preying on her less than brilliant intelligence. I’ll bet she still doesn’t get the peace that she now deserves.

There you go. Although I didn’t like what I knew of her, I wouldn’t have wished any harm of her. It’s a shame she didn’t get a normal life due to her life as a media puppet. I hope that her children get to know the real Jade, and not just the victim of the hype.

At the end of this blog I have to now ask…. “Was it Jade I didn’t like….or the media machine that manipulated her?”

Sure, in real life I doubt she would have been my cup of tea… but who knows what she was really like?

It’ll be the media machine then – but that’s no real surprise.

I pray they let her Rest In Peace.

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