The Big Rant – Goody, Grass, Airports and more

Are you sitting comfortably – This is a big one.

The biggest yet.

Okay – I warn you now that this one will be controversial.

If you bring it on yourself, then you have no-one else to blame.

If you couldn’t help what has happened – then you have every right in the World to say your piece.

I am playing Devils Advocate, so don’t hang me! I am more than happy to discuss these issues with anyone who leaves a comment.

Scenario One:

lawn1So you’ve been paying a kid to cut your lawn for the past year. It’s a temporary job for him and it keeps the garden tidy. So all is good.

A hot summer kills the grass so there is nothing for him to do any more. Add to that you have taken a big pay cut and can’t afford to pay him (even if you did have work for him).

What’s the solution? Simple! Ask a random neighbour to give you cash just so the kid can still get money for turning up at a job that cannot support him because there is no requirement for what he needs…

Sounds crazy doesn’t it. Crazier still if you are the neighbour (who has no connection to the kid at all – or the guy who hired him) giving the cash support to the guy with no lawn who is paying a kid to cut it…

Hang on in here with me people – it will all make sense.

Scenario Two:

toiletYou see a job advertised as a toilet cleaner at a busy roadside café – It says it pays £5.00 per hour. You take the job, and a few weeks later you go on strike and ask everyone to support you because you don’t think the pay is enough and you don’t like what you do.

Hang on? That sounds crazy? I agree it’s a dirty job – but you knew what you were getting into. I’m with you all the way on that low pay issue and I think it deserves more, but you were aware before you took the job.

What is Sometimespace going on about? Keep reading – it will all become clear…

Scenario Three:

jam1You buy a house near a motorway on the edge of a town that is obviously going through major expansion. A year later the town is bigger, busier and the motorway traffic has picked up… so you complain to the authorities about the noise.

Why would you do that? You knew the town was growing. You knew the motorway would get busier – let’s face it, over the years there hasn’t been a downturn in traffic amounts anywhere – let alone on a route to an expanding population centre.

OH COME ON Sometimespace….. WHERE is this leading?

I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you in a black and white way, because I feel sorry for the kid, I support the toilet cleaners case and I sympathise with the home owner near the noisy motorway… but I also see the other side. This could get controversial, and when you are the victim you will tend to only see it in your own way – so don’t attack me for just “putting it out there”. I’m simply playing Devils Advocate.

I was asked to sit in on a disciplinary as a witness against a co-worker once. I was his friend and training to be a Team Leader. The Coordinator was carrying out the disciplinary regarding excessive sick leave and general lack of contribution to the work place. I never really liked the Coordinator (to put it nicely), but as I sat in on the meeting I saw the whole thing from an outsiders point of view.

The Coordinator was very fair and calm. My friend was argumentative and angry.

After the meeting my friend said “Did you see how he attacked and insulted me? Did you?

I told him I didn’t. From the outside I could see that my friend knew he was in the wrong, but just fought all the way. The Coordinator was trying to help, but my friend just kept fighting.

When you are the victim it is very hard to see the big picture. Even tougher if you feel you have been hard done by, by the system, the boss, the Government etc… Sometimes you need to take the responsibility yourself. You put yourself in that position – and you are to blame. Yes, I feel empathy for you, but it is still on your head, your actions, your decisions or indecisions.

I learnt a lot from that Coordinator. I’ve learnt a lot from Managers, Directors, Business leaders… I’ve learnt a lot from being the guy on the other side AND THEN being the guy carrying out the disciplinary. I am speaking from experience, so don’t complain that I can’t possibly see both sides of the story.

So, let’s get back to the scenarios.

I used to do temporary work and contracting. It’s the type of job where you know you could be looking for work the next day. Companies take on agency staff and contractors to build up worker numbers for projects that may or may not keep running.

I was in aircraft engineering. During the out of holiday season periods the airliners would all come in to be overhauled. Work really ramped up so contractors were taken on to keep up with this seasonal workload. They knew that it was only a matter of time before they would have to find another contract. It is the nature of the business.

Remember the kid cutting the lawn?

mini1BMW have just dismissed a large number of agency workers. The car market has slowed down and cars are not selling. These agency workers are the first to go – and I am sure if they read their contracts they would realise that they need no notice period (I have done agency work).

Let’s face it – British Leyland workers in the 70’s didn’t exactly help this new BMW Mini position when they deliberately produced poor quality cars and took no care in their work during the strikes over pay etc. If I was a manufacturer today and I had to lay people off – I would look back at that Leyland incident and would want that type of employee off of my site as soon as I told them about their jobs.

What annoys me is that they expect redundancy money and Government handouts. Okay, you have done the same job for 3 or 4 years..BUT you are still agency workers, and with that comes job insecurity on the top line. I am really sorry for you, but that is the very nature of your work.

I left agency and contract work because I wanted a secure future. If I had been an agency worker for 4 years, then that would have given me a fair bit of time to find a more permanent job… or I could have just sat on my hands and then got really angry when the work dried up.

I will not pay for that kid to cut grass that isn’t there for a neighbour who can’t afford to pay him – and that’s what these workers are asking.

How about the Toilet Cleaner?

fire-engineI think that the emergency services are underpaid. They do a very important job (not like those idiot footballers who earn more in a week it seems than the entire Hampshire Fire Service earn in a year).

I don’t like the fact that they go on strike to complain about pay though. I DO UNDERSTAND where they are coming from, but I have to ask this question: “Did you not ask about the salary and hours when you applied for the job?”

For years now we have all known that the military and emergency services are underpaid and overworked – so it just angers me that new people join up and then strike to complain. These people are not doing themselves any favours!

I honestly think you deserve more money – and I really appreciate and admire what you do – but complaining about issues that were well known before you joined up? That won’t work.

Maybe if no-one joined up due to these low pay/long hour issues, then the Government would realise that something needs to be done. The trouble is all the time people are joining up the Government can sit pretty.

Where does this leave the home owner and the motorway?

airport1What kind of superhero can look around a house that they want to buy in just 30 seconds?

I ask this because London Heathrow has an aircraft leave/land around about every 30 seconds. If you missed the fact that a lot of aircraft were flying overhead as you looked at the property then buddy, it’s your own problem.

Even back in the 60’s people knew that air travel was expanding rapidly, yet even then and right through to today there are people who buy houses on the outskirts of these airports AND THEN complain about the noise.

What were they thinking?

Here’s an amusing tale. At a well known airfield and race circuit on the South Coast there was a complaint phoned in about the noise of the racing cars on the circuit. The circuit has been there since racing began!

The caller was told that there was no racing on that day, and then she was asked why she had called to complain. Her response was that it was her turn on the neighbourhood committee to make the phone call.

Brilliant! Noise or no noise, the locals would call in. Get a life people, really.

So there you have it – I really do understand where these complaints come from, but I also think that we are not being totally honest with ourselves when we make these complaints.

Is it just us being the victims – not wanting to be proven wrong – that is the problem here?

The phrase “Look before you leap” comes to mind.

And Finally – as they say in the news….

jade_goodyJade Goody. I really can’t stand her. Celebrities who are famous for being famous. People who are famous for marrying the famous… Celebrities who do the stupidest of things and then complain when it gets spread all over the tabloids. GAH!!!!

I hate the scum tabloid press. It just spreads rumour and anger to sell its poisoned low brow bull.

The thing is I also hate when public figures and celebrities moan when they appear in these gutter rags after falling half naked and drunk from a night club.

You chose the path – much like factory workers, the emergency services, the armed service …. The difference being is that you earn a shed load more cash for what really can’t be compared to these other professions.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the entertainment industry is tough – but when was the last time Tom Cruise pulled a child out of a burning building, or Steve Martin was spat at in the face by a drugged up idiot who had just beaten up his wife?

When was the last time the cast of High School Musical picked up a rifle and defended their country in a foreign war?

I’m not against these celebrities mind you – I value them and we need them – I just think they should quit moaning when they appear in the press for something they did on there own decision.

So… Jade Goody, I feel sorry for her  ( I didn’t think I would ever say that!)…Not for the crap she has pulled in the past. She deserves what ever she gets for all the things she has self consciously done (as do all public figures and celebs) – BUT the Big C – that is off limits.

She could not help that, it is not some cheap publicity stunt and she does not deserve the press and public using it as a cruel jibe against her. If you can’t say anything nice or at least neutral about her cancer, then shut the heck up.

If she goes and pulls some self indulged weird stunt or whatever – then on her own head be it – she is in the limelight.

OKAY – EDIT TIME – This from a Twitter Friend:


Thought I’d best do some research and found lots of snippets about Jade and her cancer. However the more I watch or read, the more annoyed I’m getting.

Here she does mention other sufferers, but still manages to turn back to herself.

You can also watch on YouTube the moment she was told she needed to go back to her hospital (whilst on BB India). Watching it I don’t understand why she went back into the house instead of staying in the diary room considering that her family had yet to be informed.

She has had a history of pre-cancer cells, yet chose to ignore requests for her to go in for treatment

That last bit of information about ignoring requests for treatment is not good at all. If it is true that she simply IGNORED requests because she couldn’t care less – and not that she ignored them due to fear or lacking knowledgeor denial, then I will be disgusted.

You know what that would mean? It would mean that what could have been treated more effectively earlier was left until it was too late – and as such she needs more medical time and attention than if she hadn’t ignored the warnings. THAT MEANS she could be taking up treatment time and space from those who actually give a damn.

If you want to find out more – then follow this link. As with most things, Knowledge is a major part in understanding and dealing with cancer.


To wrap up this, my most major rant to date, I would like to say this one last thing:

To those workers who are losing their jobs – I wish you all the best in your future and I hope that things resolve for the better as soon as possible. I have a family and would not want to be in your position again (I have been there).

To our Armed Forces and Emergency Services – May the Government and Authorities sort themselves out so you get a better deal, better equipment and training, and the recognition that you truly deserve. For putting yourselves in the way of danger to protect our freedoms and well being, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To those who recently bought houses near obviously busy roads and motorways – What do you want from me? That’s just idiocy for not doing proper searches and investigations prior to purchase. Jeeez.

To the public figures and Celebrities – You bring it on yourselves most of the time – but I empathise with the lack of privacy you have in those moments where you just want to be yourselves, or have to deal with issues you had no hand in playing.

To everyone else – Look before you leap.


If I have any facts mixed up or confused in this rant, then please let me know. I am more than open to corrections and learning from my mistakes.

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10 responses to “The Big Rant – Goody, Grass, Airports and more

  • MadDeva

    I agree with you on everything but feel I have to have a rant about Jade Goody.
    I was under the impression that she was open about her cancer with the media solely for the purpose of making money ‘for her boy’s’. What infuriates me is what’s coming across as her ‘Me Me Me and my children’ attitude. Where is the mention of cancer sufferers as a whole? (Unless I missed that bit.)

    She has surely already made enough money from her business ventures for her children’s futures. More than enough to feed,clothe and house them until they are 18 and can then make their own way in the world.No amount of money is ever going to replace her within her family, and it’s no consolation, but her boys will have their family after she’s gone.

    Why doesn’t she use her celebrity status to raise money for the thousands of other cancer sufferers, most of whom cannot afford private care or even the cost of medicines needed. What about the cost of cancer research, help for those who have lost someone to cancer or trying to cope with someone who has cancer?
    If one of her boys were to suffer with cancer later on in his life, surely she’d want research to have advanced enough to help him if possible.

    Maybe I got it wrong and she is donating funds and or speaking about other sufferers and their families.

    I donate monthly to cancer research.
    I have lost two family members, two very close family friends and a work colleague to cancer.
    Two family members are in remission.

    I do genuinely feel sorry for anyone who suffers with any form of cancer and also for their families and friends.

  • rb73

    Now that is something I was unaware of.

    If she’s doing it for her own gain, then that is open for trouble.

    If she is using her mock-celebrity status (z-lister) to gain awareness and money for charity – then that’s fine with me.

    Mind you – this is the same woman who took up a place in the London Marathon and didn’t train or anything (unless smoking a fag and eating kebabs is training). A place that someone who really wanted to do it and raise money could of had.

  • MadDeva

    Thought i’d best do some research and found lots of snippets about Jade and her cancer. However the more I watch or read, the more annoyed im getting.

    Here she does mention other sufferers, but still manages to turn back to herself.

    You can also watch on YouTube the moment she was told she needed to go back to her hospital (whilst on BB India). Watching it I don’t understand why she went back into the house instead of staying in the diary room considering that her family had yet to be informed.

    She has had a history of pre-cancer cells, yet chose to ignore requests for her to go in for treatment Lots of news snippets here, right up too most recent. What on earth is the world coming too? Jade can afford her own wedding cant she? After all she’s been offered a £1mill wedding deal.
    If it was me i’d be spending as much time as I could with my kids, family and friends. If I had a wedding i’d want it to be small and private.


    Am I being harsh and uncaring?

  • spangila

    You *are* being harsh & uncaring!

    So what if she ‘still manages to turn back to herself’. SHE IS DYING OF CANCER!!!! She is leaving two young boys without a mother, she is in a tremendous amount of pain. Can she not be forgiven for thinking about herself?

    Dr Lesley Walker from Cancer Research UK said that her illness has generated so much publicity about cervical cancer that Jade would end up being a “life saver”. But you want to flame her for talking about her illness.

    I have a history of pre-cancer cells. If it becomes full blown cancer will it all be my own fault?

    PS Research on the internet is not research! Try reading some books, maybe that will broaden your knowledge and stop you being a narrow-minded fool.

  • rb73

    Spangila – I was editing at the time you were writing that response.

    You see I am open to having my knowledge broadened – I am not a narrow minded fool, for a narrow minded fool does not listen or learn. A narrow minded fool would be set in their view and not open to others.

    Of course these things are not the persons fault. There is chances things are just missed – or even if a person is aware there may be denial. My point is IF she was just stupidly ignoring (not through fear or any good reason – just “couldn’t be bothered”) – then that would be a bad thing – and would lay some blame at her feet. IF.

  • spangila

    rb73 I was commenting on Madeva, hence my quoting from her / his post. Maybe it wasn’t obvious.

    However, cancer is never anyone’s fault, whether ‘stupidly ignoring’ or not.

    We are all aware of the dangers of flying are we not? No one called the people who died in Buffalo recently stupid or ignorant. Though you will probably argue that those who died on the ground were at fault for living on a flight path.

  • rb73

    Discussions by internet are never any good.

    Read my blog and you will see that I am not some uncaring idiot or fool. If I didn’t care less I would have deleted your responses – but I feel they are very valid and most definitely worth while.

    For “stupidly ignoring” replace with “Couldn’t care less” . Hoping a problem will go away or hiding from it is one thing – I am trying to word it ion a way that IF she really didn’t give a damn – and I mean blatant “so what, I don’t care” – then I’d be disgusted.

    Gah! This would be easier face to face. Words can be taken in far to many ways.

  • David Jones

    With regards to the firemen et al, I don’t think they necessarily strike because of low pay per se, but generally because something in their working arrangements changes and it is perceived to be detrimental (alternative working hours, _only_ a 4% pay increase, change of toilet paper). Therefore if someone is already on a lower wage, then it can be difficult to accept change (especially when its perceived to be negative – even if its actually not!).

    Also is this not a general problem with Unions – resistant to change, safety in numbers and everyone strikes even when some don’t agree. Just look at the postal workers!

    And another thing, why is everyone focussing on Jade Goody for godsake? At any one time there are thousands of women (and men) in the UK who are in an identical situation and yet the focus and ‘false sympathy’ always comes back to JG.

    Furthermore, when she has Max Clifford working for her, how do we know that this isn’t just a huge publicity stunt. Jade will come out of hospital grinning in a few weeks saying “I fawt it wer cansurr, but lyke, I wuz just horrr-moan-all…

    At the very least, my sympathy for her wanes when I find out the publicity engine behind her.

    Whilst I do feel sorry for her kids, it is a shame that SHE worked out how to replicate her genes in the first place. I can’t help but feel that she’s introduced two children into a dysfunctional family which will simply repeat history again. In any case, I hope that as her two boys grow up, they have a slightly better role model than her current convict husband and can be protected from their mother’s media-hyped world.

    And no doubt the ‘Jade Goody Foundation’ (or whatever springs up to “commemorate” her) will outlive the rest of mankind and she will have the last laugh as she continues to grate against every bone in my body…

  • rb73

    I don’t mind constructive criticism at all – I don’t mind contrary opinions either, as I am always willing to hear others points of views.

    What others have to say may sway me – might educate me – and I am not a person with a set in stone atitiude.

    What I dislike is people who use vulgarity and harsh insults within comments. None of the above do that – and I feel all that people have said is quite right to stay – BUT I have just deleted one that someone had written as it was purely abusive and totally uneducated.

    I can only assume the idiot who left the offensive (now deleted) message on this blog entry was a Jade fan who just didn’t read the blog properly – or only read the bits they wanted to read.

    Firstly they did not read the blog correctly – and secondly they did not take any time whatsoever to find out who I was… they thought I was a woman bitching about Jade Goody…. Really, please at least look around the site before and research before you step up to the breach and fire off a comment.

    As for Jade Goody – The sad news on Mothering Sunday 2009 is that she has died.

    There are some people that really should never have been – various dictators and mass murderers…. but not Jade. Irritating, obnoxious, thick, a media puppet? Sure – that’s my view…. BUT I would not wish her dead just because I didn’t like her.

    I couldn’t stand her, true – but I could just turn the TV off or not read the gutter rag stories about her. It is possible to avoid having all the TV hype shoved down your throat all the time – and as such I pretty much knew nothing about her, and didn’t care for what ever antics she got up to.

    All I know for sure is that she left a family behind – and no matter what else, that is a sad and terrible thing to happen to any family.

  • David Jones

    You see the problem being that JG was a hero for people who could relate to her – nuff said! So, I’m afraid there will never be any eloquent debate or considered response from the Jade fan club because……well……you get where I’m going with this…..

    Just take a look at the comments left on the BBC and Sky News websites and you’ll get a good indication of the types of response – the “Peoples Princess” was a good one! And when people start to suggest that Mothers Day should be renamed ‘Jade Goody Day’, well really that just says it all.

    On that note, when I joked about the “Jade Goody Foundation” in my previous comment, she/Max Clifford have actually gone one better by trying to hijack Mothers day itself. Now call me cynical/heartless/totally messed up in the head, but this in itself is sheer genius. I simply can’t help but think that Max planned this deliberately (for all we know maybe JG really died on Friday or Saturday, but it was kept from the press until Sunday to maximise impact and increase future earnings).

    God I’m totally sick aren’t I – perhaps I should work in PR myself 😉

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