The Cycling Mayor

When I was going through my childhood years I was lucky enough to have some of my best friends on the same street. One such friend was a girl who lived across the road from me. We did all the things kids would do – although some things stick in my memory… Like playing “Colony” on the ZX-Spectrum whilst listening to Paul Simon’s Gracelands!

She was always very talented (arts and music skills that astounded me – I only wished to be so good!). Even as a kid I knew that she was in a different class and would end up doing major things with her life!

Jennifer Trotman is currently the Deputy Mayor of Axbridge. In May 2009 she will become the Mayor (I knew it – I bloody told you she’d do major things with her life!). One of her activities is cycling – and she is now raising money doing this.

From her web page:

As Mayor of Axbridge, my nominated Charity will be Action Medical Research.

I hope to raise £2500 for them by cycling from London to Paris in July as well as raising further funds throughout the rest of my Mayoral year.

So without further ado I would like to do her a favour and spread the word of…


and get some money moving towards that good cause.

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