Lessons Learnt

WWW.LINGSCARS.COM is possibly the worst looking “professional” web site that I have ever seen.

It is mainly for car leasing – but it may also cause headaches, epileptic fits and nervous breakdowns due to its cacophony of links, plethora of adverts and myriad of colours all assaulting the person looking at the site….

The thing is, it may hit you like a rainbow painted truck – but like that rainbow painted truck, you’ll always remember it.

I originally mentioned her site to a friend of mine on Twitter (Daiv Russell http://www.ninja-nerd.com/) – and I mentioned her as an example of a bad web site…. BUT now I will go back on my words…. (I live and learn!).

Ling actually posted a comment on  Daiv’s website about the explosion to the visual senses that her site is…. and the figures are amazing….

…70,000 uniques this month, FYI. Best ever figures. Most UK car dealer websites struggle to do 2,500 and that’s with loads of adwords.

Would YOU remember my site in 2-years? I do my utmost to build emotional goodwill. And the customers (potential) who move on really save me a lot of time dealing with people who will give me grief.

I am very busy day-to-day. I want customers on my wavelength who don’t take life so seriously – it’s only a car, not life or death.

And which other UK car website owner would ever notice you have been twittering and blogging, never mind bother to reply?…

You know what – she’s right. If all websites were like hers, then it would be a total and utter disaster – but as she is the only one (that I can think of) that has a site like that – and it really does stand out! Looking back, she is the first person I turn to when I look up lease cars – she’s the first person I point people to if they need lease cars – and now she’s getting even more hits because I mentioned her site for its “badness”…… She hasn’t done too badly by me has she!!!

As an update – Ling has pointed me to a small link on her site (very small) that makes the front page look sane!!!


This one is actually physically painful!!!! (Warning – flashing images)

So Ling, I take my hat off to you – Your site works wonders, it pulls people in and has proven to be very successful for you – and that’s what counts! Congratulations!

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4 responses to “Lessons Learnt

  • Stephen A.

    Re: The Asprin site: “Grandpa, is that what taking acid in the 60s was like?”

    I’m sorry, mate, but your site s*cks. (RB73 says: That isn’t my site….I don’t lease cars….my site is the one talking about that hippy coloured web site….)

    Any page that is so annoyingly bad is NOT directing customers to learn about cars, it’s DISTRACTING visitors/potential customers.

    I do appreciate the desire to cut slack, as they say, but this is by far the worst site ever.

    Actually, webpagesthatsuck.com had a contest for WORST site of the year and #1 looks a LOT like this one.
    has a

  • rb73

    That number one site is a lot worse – granted!

    I realise also that the site I mention here (which isn’t “my site”, mate) is probably getting a high bounce rate.

    Even with a high bounce rate, some of those bounces will bounce back or stay to see what is on offer.

    The thing is though, at the end of the day Ling is doing good business – and in the current economical climate, that can only be good news.

  • Karen Masullo

    That site absolutely needs a seizure warning.

    While traffic is always exciting, I live and die by conversions. If they are turning those hits into sales, good for them, but I wonder what her bounce rate is.

  • David Barnes

    I find this design engaging. It’s hard to know where to click, but this makes the whole site feel a bit like a game. It’s hard to know which bad guy to shoot first when you enter a new room in Quake2 (or whatever the kids are playing these days), but that doesn’t stop it being fun to play.

    I hope we see a raft of deliberate “undesign” sites — I think it’s exciting and fun in a lot of circumstances. Presentations too. I’m tired of seeing tasteful but boring PowerPoint slide shows. Bring back the sensory overload and animated clipart — at least it keeps us awake.

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