TwitterDeck, Twitterfon and Facebook Tweeting

So by now you’ll know that I use Twitter. It’s part of this blog (see the left hand column) and fast becoming the best way to communicate bullet points and sound bites of information by mobile phone and computer.

It is primarily a web based micro-blog texting system, but as with a lot of things today, you don’t even have to go near the actual Twitter web pages to participate (once you have your membership – which is free).

If you want help on Twittering, then sign up and follow me  at LucasBlack, or follow one of the Twitter Gurus I have bumped into: DaivRawks.

Twitter as seen on its web page

Twitter as seen on its web page

It is the great leveller of people. There is no special treatment (tweetment?) between users. I rub tweet-shoulders with people all over the World in all sorts of lines of work. Recently I have been tweeting with Robert Llewellyn (Scrap Heap Challenge,  Red Dwarf – Kryten etc) – and the beauty of Twitter is that he is on the same level as me – We have the same 140 characters to play with, where age, social standing, profession etc just don’t come into play.

I like this levelling idea, as Robert Llewellyn is quite simply a great guy regardless of what he does, and I think “celebrity stalkers” tend to ruin things for people who just want to chat as equals and not simper to these well known people. I’m sure these public figures feel the same way sometimes – Why can’t people just chat without going all gushy and doe eyed at what they do? Thank goodness for Twitter then – It’s all very calming.

On to the various choices of applications you can use to operate within Twitter. There are flipping hundreds of choices, but the ones I use are generally the ones that are heartily recommended by other users. I have tried many types now, and the following ones are the applications that I have found most user friendly and satisfying to use. All are free, although you can make donations.

For a quick simple Tweet system on my PC I sometimes use “Twitterfox” for the Firefox web browser. It appears as a small pop up window in the bottom right of my screen (much like a messenger chat window). Very simple and easy to use for general tweet following.

The trouble is that you can end up with a cacophony of tweet messages that you are trying to keep up with. By far the best computer application is TweetDeck, as this sorts Tweets out into various categories and is very “tuneable” for each users preferences. When following tweets you will see the application that people have used to post messages – and TweetDeck is one of the most popular systems I have seen being used – and for a good reason.

TwitterDeck as I use it

TwitterDeck as I use it

Now a lot of people use Facebook and don’t want the fuss of having separate applications all over the place -but worry not, as Facebook has a Twitter application on it. I don’t really use it, but it’s a useful little tool to have at hand.

Facebook Twitters

Facebook Twitters

The final application I use is “Twitterfon” – an application for the iPhone. There are lots of iPhone Twitter applications, and I have tried many of them. Twitterfon is the one application for tweeting that I just keep returning to as it is simple, clear and very, very functional.  For me, the top two applications are Twitterfon and TweetDeck – they do everything I need from them (at the moment). I am sure many more applications will come about, but for now I am pretty happy in the Twitter world.

Twitterfon on the iPhone

Twitterfon on the iPhone

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11 responses to “TwitterDeck, Twitterfon and Facebook Tweeting

  • Daiv Russell

    Lucas! Thanks for the good vibes! I hope I can continue to live up to your level of expectations that your praise conveys. 😀

    See you on Twitter.

    – Daiv

  • Some Twitter Advice « Sometimespace

    […] there are lots of different utilities that can be used to talk and read tweets (twitter messages). I prefer to use iTweet – as it is by […]

  • Mrs Redboots

    Firefox users might like Twitterfox, which provides a discreet pop-up enabling you to check Twitter while on-line without having to open a dedicated website to do so.

  • rb73

    I like Twitterfox – but I now use the iPhone next to the PC… I can carry my addiction!

  • Janet Ching

    i am using tweeterdeck, i have a question, why can’t i open the link when using right mouse click? i have to open another browser, copy & paste very inconvenient…

  • janetching

    tried stilll doesn’t . but it works in normal twitter site… make me wonder, even in twirl still does not work, annoying.

  • rb73

    TweetDeck is a bit of a unknown thing. Some people find it works perfectly, where as others find it is a total failure.

    I don’t like the way the links to replies open in Twitter itself. On my PC before I moved to Mac, Tweetdeck would blue screen my computer and totally crash it out every time.

    I went to iTweet in the end – it is brilliant. I now use that and TDeck… but iTweet is still my favorite.

  • janetching

    just tried it looks good itweet, and the links works here. I may have to use itweet and keep tweetdeck at the same time as tweetdeck has that search and group function, very useful to find ppl with same interest or peer group with you.

  • melinda

    how do you get twitterfon to post to facebook? is it possible?

  • rb73

    If you set up the Twitter app on facebook you can then choose (within the facebook twitter apps settings) to post each tweet to your status, no matter what you use to write the tweet.

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