OpenZine – The Blog Alternative

OpenZine is an alternative to blogging. It is an online open source magazine publishing site and host. It’s a free thing that I found through a contact on Twitter – the contact happens to be the co-founder of OpenZine (his name is Kiki, and here is his Zine)

Now I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t that impressed initially – but that was purely because I tried to duplicate the way I run this WordPress blog. After a few attempts I can see that OpenZine is actually a very neat and clever bit of work.

As I write this it is still in Beta, but once a few quirks are ironed out (or at least what I think are quirks), then I think it will be a great thing. The quirks are probably more to do with me getting used to the system rather than the system itself – so there could be some counter intuitiveness in the set up if I found navigation to be a problem.

My Zine is a stripped version of this blog, and you can find it HERE.

Give it a go – I think you’ll either say “that’s just what I want!” or say “Not a chance”. It’s something that will suit the right person perfectly, and makes a nice change to the countless generic blogs out there on the net.

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