The Government is following me. They told me.

I use Twitter a bit to keep blogs and social sites up to date with my latest  “share news”. I also use my Twitter to follow bullet point updates on other people or events (such as John Cleese, Stephen Fry).

Today I opted to follow “Downing Street” – the official Tweet for No.10 Downing Street. It is a constant(ish) update and forum for what is going on with the PM (Out eating pies, wrecking economy, faffing around blindly etc).

When you start to follow someone they get notified, which can also give them an option to then follow you.

After selecting to follow “DowningStreet” (as the name appears on Twitter) I received this email:

So there you go… it isn’t paranoia if they really are following me…..

Anyway….. if you want to know why you should use Twitter, then check out THIS LINK. A great little blog entry that makes a lot of sense. Go on…. what are you waiting for?

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