Christmas is “Delayed”

delaysCancelled is like saying “Failed” – and as many of the blog readers know, I’m not a fan of failure. Failure only happens when you stop trying to succeed. Sure you might be failing at something – but you only really fail when you give up.

As such I am retracting my “Christmas is Cancelled” statement, and instead I am going with “Christmas is postponed”.

This troubled time is one of  the lowest we’ve had as a family. Things are being put in place to ensure things don’t go so bad if the muck hits the fan ever again, but that’s for the future. For the moment we are scratching from day to day to try and get by. It’s “simply” a case of hanging on in there for a while until we sort things out – and not getting dragged down by the whole mess.

So… Christmas isn’t cancelled – it is just being “put back” – so expect some out of season greatings from us in the future!

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5 responses to “Christmas is “Delayed”

  • Warth Publishing Inc

    I believe I made the horrendous mistake of choosing a company because it had a 5 page ad in a popular computer magazine. In my opinion 1and1 is a horrible company and many customers have voiced a host of complaints on various blogs. It should be a warning that when their phone is answered by a recording that tells you if you have gotten a notice from NCO, a collection agency, to press a certain number. If they are a reputable business, why do they have to send so many accounts to a collection agency?
    Also Investigative journalist, Kelli Jack, has written 30 articles about this company and has a suit pending against them. Kelli alleges that 1and1 stole her domain name and sold it. Kelli states: “1and1 should be shut down.”

    And finally, the Washington DC, Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau has them listed as “Unsatisfactory” Read comments on the BBB why. Read some customer comments on Red Flag.

  • rb73

    I’ll keep my eyes open for that – although in the 7 years I have used them, I have never had any problems that weren’t caused by me in the first place!

    They have always been very helpful to me. After 3 years of forwarding (I just own a few domain names) my direct debit card info expired and my domain stopped forwarding – Now this was my fault because I hadn’t updated my account information with 1and1…. worse still is all my account info with 1and1 was being sent to my old email address that was no longer accessible by me – and I had moved house AND forgotten my 1and1 password from 3 years previous!!! I had no idea that my bill was no longer being paid, I had no way to get my log on information back as I no longer had that email address (where my password reminder info was being sent when I hit “forgotten password”)…AND none of my billing or address matched what they had on the system!!

    Thanks to their help I was able to recover my information, update my accounts and carry on with my domain forwarding – and all done in a very professional and secure way to make sure I was who I said I was.

    So for me, they have been very good – BUT I am just one person – and I appreciate you sharing your information. Thank you.

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