Downhill from here

Not downhill like this blog thread, but downhill as in racing.

Alex got an early Christmas treat today as Granny and Grandad (Chris’s parents) came up to visit us.

Alex received a loop the loop gravity race track. He’s played with one before when he visited His Granny and cousin Ben was playing with his track.

Alex has been playing on it pretty much non stop since it was set up! He’s quite content to play on his own, or scream out loud as he passes me cars to launch for him!

It’s always good when we see Granny and Grandad – Alex loves them and is really chatty and cuddly with them…and also quite mental! A little bit of cheer that did us all good!

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3 responses to “Downhill from here

  • Grandad

    Yep had a wonderful time, a spot of lunch, nice chillies and a muck around……….seems Sainsburys toys are flavour of the month at the moment. We had to test the vehicles that ran best, some monster trucks made a noise (wheel rumble) and some did not make the grade, Alex soon worked out which worked (ran) better. maybe set up a timeing beam and check them all out.

    A child consutlant at his best, a speed trap or anything else could be made to enhance a fivers worth of enjoyment, go for it. 08 December 2008.

  • Startline crew in the making.

    Something I will be doing at the press day on Wednesday and for the coming weekend. We will have bigger cars and stars………Ian

  • rb73

    Alex is loving the track!

    The loops are now glued to a small thin plank that has hook Velcro on the back to stop it slipping (and take up less space!). The car park is next to it!

    We took out the two long strips on the ramp and put in one long and one short. This gave a straighter drop with less twist. We then put a long strip inbetween the two loops to replace the short one we used in the ramp.

    To top it off, I put a stop on the launch button so it wouldn’t flip over backwards, and attached an elastic cord to the launch lever…. This really helps, as Alex can pull it as hard or gentle as he wants, and the elastic takes the stress and the cars launch smoothly nearly every time! That gives us one very happy boy!

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