Australian swearing or just a great tale?

Dave Gorman is a comedian/writer who I’ve not paid much attention to. Well…no attention really, if I am honest.

I only really knew about him from some clip ages ago about him meeting other Dave Gormans, and writing about it – which sounded less than interesting.

I’ve seen him a few times on panel shows, and he seemed likeable, but I still had this idea that he was a boring person who only got to where he is by the fact he wrote that book, which on one particular day, and without looking at it, I had assumed would be boring. That thought stuck with me.

Then a few nights ago – whilst not sleeping due to back pains – I caught the start of a live show he did. It was about a trip he ended up going on acvidently after being told about “google whacking” (not and Australian solo bedroom pursuit it appears).

The show was on quite late, and although it had me glued to the screen, I knew I wouldn’t watch the whole thing as I was tired and my pain killers had just kicked in. The following morning I ordered a copy of the book and film for a nice low price on Amazon (low price as it isn’t a new thing…in fact it appears that I am several years behind the times with this one!).

I then waited. Surprisingly the parcel turned up very quickly – and we were in to receive it (a rare thing, but chalk it down to a bad back!). The DVD was then watched.

Where have I been?!?! This show was amazing! Dave Gorman told his accidental several thousand mile unintentional tale fantastically! I hung on every word – which is odd, as tv is often just back ground noise (even if it is something I want to watch).

I won’t go into the story too much as I don’t want to spoil it for you. It really is worth you going out and getting it though.

A bit sweary in places, but not out of vulgarity and poor communication skills, oh no! His word useage blends perfectly to make the story drag you in and feel the bumps of his funny, thought provoking, touching, crazy and “coming of age at 32” presentation.

Stop reading this now and go buy a copy. Well worth it.

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