People are idiots

Today on the way to Tesco (Meadows), a silver Espace undertook Chris in the left lane (coming from Hawley) off of the traffic lights on the Meadows roandabout. They did this so they could cut in front to get into her lane – just so they could get to Tesco those few seconds quicker.

Was getting to the 24 hour shops such an important thing?

Was it worth someones life?

The idiot driver, apart from cutting Chris up, then ran the next set of traffic lights and narrowly missing a lady on the pedestrian crossing (on the road leading off of the roundabout, on the way to The Meadows shops).

Did they simply not see the big red lights, black and white stripes AND the pedestrian in the middle of the road?

Hand in your licence at the nearest Police station you idiot – and don’t think about getting in a car again. People like you take away loved ones from everyone else – just so you can save a couple of seconds.

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