Human dustbin

Officially crazy!

Alex likes a wide variety of foods. Things like garlic and olives don’t phase him, and pickled anchovies or roll mop herring are not turned down! He even enjoys dried vegetable snacks that are paprika or pepper seasoned (they come in onion, parsnip, beetroot or carrot – all thin cut and seasoned). He even had sushi a few months back (SEE HERE) -not bad at all for 2 1/2 years old!

The oddest thing though is chili peppers… Yup, he saw Chris putting some on my plate the other day and had to try a tiny bit. He found he enjoyed the little bit, so he had a bit more…

This is all well and good, but I enjoy them as well. Yesterday I had some on my plate and Alex walked over, bent his head over my plate and said “Chili!”
I offered him one and he took it – the first taste is a bit bitter (as you can tell from the photo), but he just wolfs it down after that… then asks for more!

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