Educate me – I want a future!

This weekend we are going to look over a private school for Alex. It’ll be for when he starts Junior school, so we have a bit of time to attempt to save some money… hopefully the Government will get bored of taking it away left, right and centre…

We decided that this would offer Alex the best start in life. A lot of people I talk to have said they would like to go back in time and try harder – after all, you spend less time at school than you do outside of school – and the harder you try during your education the better life should be for you when your older.

I’d like to go back and kick my own backside to try harder – I’m not saying state schools are no good, but a private school with smaller classes and more student/teacher interaction will help keep Alex focused. Looking back, I was disappointed by my education – I was a student who needed focus, and unfortunately I was just a number. There were teachers who selected their classes to make sure that their classes had good grades – and the quieter students tended to suffer (I was a quiet student).

So… I’ll do all I can to fund a private education for Alex. I hope we can give him this gift, as I feel he will benefit a great deal from it. He’s a child who needs a lot of attention, is very focused, and he’s into everything – I don’t want him to lose this interest and focus, and I feel that this is the way forward.

On a linked matter… does anyone want to buy a kidney? One careful owner. POA.

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