Everyone should have at least one

Okay, I’ve seen lists in other blogs about wants, wishes, favourites and such like. Credit crunch means lottery thoughts make for a diversionary trip through cash fuelled dreams. Sure, I hope and aim to reach these goals, but until then, they are just lists…

Obviously I want the best for my family, so that goes without saying (same with World peace, man).

Ten things I would like:

1. Flight in a Spitfire. Not a Harvard or Yak or similar vintage aircraft. It has to be a Spitfire.

2. Own an original or replica Cobra or Jaguar. In fact top of that list would be a replica Jaguar XJ13…. Big V12 sitting right behind your head, and you sit wrapped in the most elegant shaped bodywork ever. Failing that, a trip out in one of these would be superb.

3. Harley “War Bird” style low rider. You might have started to notice I have a fondness for V engines.

4. Big enough house with workshop (so I can build and keep cars and bikes). It would need a fair amount of land, as I’d want space for number 5.

5. Percheron or similar horse. 18 hands will do it. I love the shape of these horses.

6. A Doberman or Husky type dog.

7. A yacht. Proper job like the America cup types. For those times when I’m not riding my Percheron down to the field behind my workshop to work on my Jag XJ13. Even a trip out would suffice for now. Just need to learn to sail first…

8. Large enough land to build a safe rifle range. 1000yd range would be tops. Needless to say I’d need certain rifles to use there. I’m thinking Tac Ops stuff (x-ray), or some other very accurate long ranger. I don’t care too much about machine guns – I like the thought and precision of a long range bolt action.

9. A Tiger Moth. I’d also like the pilots licence so I could fly it… Obviously!

10. Corrective laser eye surgery. Yup, not a major thing, but something I’d like as contacts and glasses are annoying some times.

Well, that’s my first Blog list. Triggered by the Jacks blog (Thoughtful Spaz – see my links). Some times you just need to make a list!

You have to have goals and dreams. All of the above are possible if things work out, although some are more possible than others!

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7 responses to “Everyone should have at least one

  • Red Baron

    I am one of those rare and fortunate individuals who actually owned an XJ 13 replica. I built it over a period of some seven years and showed the vehicle at various Jaguar Clubs of North America concours events in the mid west for several years. To see a picture of the car as it appeared in the 2006 Festival of Speed event in St. Petersburg, Florida go to the address below.


  • rb73

    “Owned” Why did it go?

    Very, very nice replica. I’ve been lucky enough to see the original – and that’s where the “love affair” started.

    One day…..

  • Red Baron

    Although I built the car with the intent of driving it for pleasure’s sake, it soon becane a “show car” and was in great demand for that purpose by many of the local and national events. Maintainig a vehicle for serious competition for this venue is not compatible with utilizing it as a “driver” because of the many labor hours required to keep it in pristine condition. Further, it is quite a complex vehicle mechanically, again requiring considerable effort to keep it in top condition. These, and other factors, prompted me to finally accept a “buy” offer in March of 2006. I did get the opportunity to drive my XJ13 for several “parade” laps at Sebring which you can see at the following youtube address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E3KX3REcA0

  • rb73


    Looks and sounds like it wants to open up and go for it!

    Colour me racing green with jealousy!

    What was it like to drive?

  • Red Baron

    It was an awsome drive. The engine was a bored and stroked unit that displaced 7.0 liters. It was fitted with gylinder heads that wre ported and fitted with larger intake and exhaust valves. The camshafts were ground by Crane on billets we supplied. The engine pulled an honest 500 HP and 517 lb-ft of torque on a dynometer. Installed in a 2650 lb vehicle the resulting performance was indeed “spirited .

  • Red Baron

    If you are serious about adding an XJ13 to your fleet, attend the Russo and Steele auction on January 14 – 18, 2009 in Scotsdale, AZ. The car is being offered again. See:http://www.russoandsteele.com/collector_car/1966_jaguar_xj13__/40-1879.html

  • Red Baron

    As an update to the December 1, 2008 entry, the car sold ay the Russo and Steele auction in Scottsdale for a reported $133,100.

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